"A força do querer" is a Brazilian telenovela written by Glória Perez for Rede Globo. It's an original story. It started airing on April 3 and concluded on October 20, 2017. The main stars are Rodrigo Lombardi, Paolla Oliveira, Juliana Paes, Isis Valverde, Marco Pigossi and Emilio Dantas.


Promising lawyer, Caio is considered for administrator job of Garcia, one of the largest companies in the country, however, when Bibi decides to end their relationship, he leaves everything behind and relocates to United States. 15 years later, Caio returns to Brazil with more experience in the judiciary and meets once again with Bibi, who failed to complete college and is married to Rubinho. Rubinho goes through a delicate financial situation, as he and Bibi struggle to make ends meet which will force him to enter the world of crime.

As the only qualified heir, Eugênio prepares his son Ruy to take over the administration of the company. Ruy is engaged to Cibele, with whom he shares different qualities from there personal lives to their professional lives. However, when he travels to Parazinho, he is enchanted by Ritinha, a young woman who loves the fascination exerted by men, such as playing a mermaid, which she actually believes to be. Ritinha is engaged to Zeca, a truck driver who has rude but quiet friendly behavior.

Ritinha continues her game of seduction with Ruy, because she intends to follow her impulses. Despite criticism that he hears about the Ritinha, Zeca loves her above anything. On the day of the wedding he finds out about Ritinha’s fling with Ruy and he angrily leaves Parazinho after Ritinha runs away with Ruy, supposedly because she feared of Zeca’s violent temper. In the new town, he meets Jeiza, a police officer who dreams of becoming an MMA fighter.

In parallel, we follow the story of transformation of Ivana, Ruy's sister, who feels like a man trapped in a female body, causing conflict with Joyce, who raised her daughter to be a princess. Joyce's relationship with her husband begins to crumble when he meets Irene, an ambitious woman who will do anything to convince Eugênio to stay with her. On the other hand, Eurico, Eugênio’s older brother, likes to have everything and everyone under his control, but can't control his wife Silvana on her gambling addiction.



Main cast

Isis Valverde Rita 'Ritinha' Rosa Ferreira
Marco Pigossi José Carlos 'Zeca' Pereira
Paolla Oliveira Jeiza Nascimento Rocha
Juliana Paes Fabiana 'Bibi' Duarte Feitosa
Emilio Dantas Rubens 'Rubinho' Feitosa
Rodrigo Lombardi Caio Borges Garcia
Fiuk Ruy Beraldo Garcia
Dan Stulbach Eugênio Garcia
Maria Fernanda Cândido Joyce Garcia
Débora Falabella Irene Steiner (Solange Lima)
Bruna Linzmeyer Cibele Sabóia Dantas
Caroline Duarte Ivana Garcia
Lília Cabral Silvana Garcia
Humberto Martins Eurico Garcia
Juliana Paiva Simone Garcia
Edson Celulari Raul Dantas Sabóia
Zezé Polessa Ednalva Ferreira
Tonico Pereira José Abelardo 'Abel' Pereira
Gisele Fróes Cândida Nascimento Rocha
Elizângela Aurora Duarte
Totia Meireles Helena 'Heleninha' Borges Garcia
Betty Faria Elvira Garcia
Maria Clara Spinelli Miraceli 'Mira' Almeida
Othon Bastos Otávio Garcia
Pedro Nercessian Amaro
Lua Blanco Anita
Cláudia Mello Zuleide 'Zu'
Karla Karenina Benedita 'Dita'
Luci Pereira Maria de Nazaré Pereira
Silvero Pereira Nonato
Gabriel Stauffer Cláudio
Michelle Martins Shirley
João Camargo Junqueira Garcia
Mariana Xavier Abigail 'Biga' Lima Santos
Lucy Ramos Leila Andrade e Silva
Antônio Carlos Guto
Dandara Mariana Marilda
Gustavo Machado Cirilo
Adriano Alves Yuri Junqueira Garcia
Dig Dutra Rochelle
Raul Gazolla Alan
João Bravo André 'Dedé' Duarte Feitosa
Ilva Niño Edvânia Ferreira
Bruno Barboza Tatu
Thaty Taranto Stella
Caroline Verban Duda

Guest stars

Carla Diaz Carine
Alejandro Claveaux Vítor
Andrey Lopes Angry Man
Antonietta Uhebe Young Ivana
Benki Piyãko Ashaninka
Billy Blanco Jr. Poker Player
Cláudio Garcia Drug Trader
Daniel Zettel Rubens
Eline Porto Janete
Esther Jablonski Dr. Eva
Fafá de Belém Almerinda
Guilherme Duarte Denilson 'DH' Pereira Horta
João Gabriel Bolshaw Young Ruy
Jane di Castro Herself
Jandir Ferrari Amílcar
João Sabiá Boto
Juliana Guimarães Hair Stylist
Karine Mello Cláudia Barroso
Laíze Câmara Francineide
Marcello Airoldi Leandro
Mario Hermeto Police Inspector
Natasha Stransky Ana
Rosa Malagueta Neide
Samir Abujamra College Anouncer
Tarso Brant Himself
Wagner Trindade Shop Employee
Xande Valois Young Zeca

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