"A vida da gente" is a Brazilian telenovela written by Lícia Manzo for Rede Globo. It's an original story. The main stars are Fernanda Vasconcellos, Marjorie Estiano, Rafael Cardoso and Thiago Lacerda.


Ana is a promising tennis player with a collection of titles and trophies to flaunt. She finds out she is pregnant by her loving boyfriend Rodrigo. Her controlling mother, Eva, forces her to break up with Rodrigo and compels her to stay out of town until the baby is born. Eva's biggest concern is that she doesn't lose any of her sponsorship deals. Later, Ana returns home and is eager to resume her athletic career, raise her baby Julia, and tell Rodrigo the truth.

As always, she counts on her best friend and sister Manuela to give her support. But Eva lies to everyone, including Rodrigo, and says that Julia is the girls' sister, a result from a fling she had in the past. Throughout their lives, Eva had always been extremely overprotective and loving towards Ana but she never had a warm relationship with Manuela. On the contrary, Eva always went out of her way to put Manuela down. Ana and Manuela no longer wish to live side by side with their oppressive mother and deal with her unstable temperament. They decide to drive to their grandmother’s home, so they take off in the middle of the night with baby Julia. But they get into a horrible car accident on the way and Ana is left in a deep coma.

As time passes and there seems to be no progress in Ana's condition, Manuela takes over the role of Julia's mother. Devastated and feeling guilty, Manuela tells Rodrigo that Julia is really his daughter. Together, they go through all the difficulties and delights of raising a child and begin to feel a deep connection and love for each other. Five years later, Julia is a confident and happy child who turned to Manuela in her mother's absence although it was always made clear to her that she was really Ana's daughter.

But suddenly, Ana awakens from the coma to face a very different reality than what she remembers. Now she must deal with the mixed feelings provided by the life that she missed. She is happy to see a healthy, grown Julia and is thankful to Manuela for looking after her daughter as if she was her own. But she is frustrated for not being able to express the choked up feelings she still has for Rodrigo and also envies Manuela for leading the life that belonged to her. Ana can still count on her loving sister to give her support in adapting to her new life until Eva finally succeeds in setting the girls against each other. She reassures Manuela that her feelings for Rodrigo remain in the past and even reveals that she has a crush on her doctor, Lucio. But deep down she strives to repress the love she still feels for Rodrigo.

Ana's great struggle to recover the life that went on without her is only surpassed because of positive attitude, persistence, and especially love. Her relationship with Manuela and the dedication of those who come to know her, reveal that unconditional love is the only thing that can overcome life's unexpected turnarounds.


  • First episode was watched by 24% Brazilian viewers, a good audience for the time-slot. The total audience during the whole 137 episodes was 22 %.
  • 'A vida da gente' was critically praised as one of the best telenovelas of the year. The critics especially praised Fernanda Vasconcellos and Marjorie Estiano in their roles of Fonseca sisters.
  • Actress Mariana Rios was originally considered for the role of Rodrigo's first girlfriend Nina. She was later replaced by actress Bianca Comparato.
  • First protagonist role for actor Rafael Cardoso.
  • First telenovela role for child actress Jesuela Moro. Later on she continued with her acting career in another Globo's telenovela 'Guerra dos sexos'. Also the first telenovela for Alice Wegmann and Marat Descartes.
  • 'A vida da gente' was licensed in over 113 countries around the role, making it the third largest sales success of Rede Globo (only 'Da cor do pecado' and 'Avenida Brasil' rank higher).


Main cast

Fernanda Vasconcellos Ana Fonseca Pereira
Marjorie Estiano Manuela Fonseca de Oliveira Macedo
Rafael Cardoso Rodrigo Macedo de Oliveira
Thiago Lacerda Lúcio Pires de Albuquerque
Jesuela Moro Júlia Fonseca de Oliveira Macedo
Ana Beatriz Nogueira Eva Fonseca
Nicette Bruno Iná Fonseca Pereira
Stênio Garcia Laudelino Gonçalves
Paulo Betti Jonas Macedo de Oliveira
Regiane Alves Cristiane 'Cris' Macedo
Gisele Fróes Vitória Azevedo Prates
Leonardo Medeiros Lourenço Luiz Macedo
Leona Cavalli Celina Macedo Mattos
Maria Eduarda de Carvalho Fernanda 'Nanda' Macedo de Oliveira
Marat Descartes Lui
Ângelo Antônio Marcos de Souza Prates
Malu Galli Doralice 'Dora' Brito
Daniela Escobar Suzana Ybarra Moraes
Sthefany Brito Alice Ybarra Moraes
Luiz Carlos Vasconcelos Renato Nogueira Martins Ybarra
Marcello Airoldi Cícero Moraes
Júlia Almeida Lorena
Malu Valle Vivian 'Vivi' Mourão
Marcello Melo Jr. Mathias
Alice Wegmann Sofia Azevedo Yabarra Prates
Cláudia Mello Moema
Polliana Aleixo Cecília Vilaça
Rafael Almeida Miguel
Sylvia Massari Ângela
Luiz Serra Wilson
Neusa Borges Maria
Duda Mamberti Josias
Tadeu di Pietro Cléber
Rita Clemente Aurélia
Ana Petta Eliete
Anna Rita Cerqueira Olívia
Déborah Kalume Cleide
Kaic Crescente Tiago Oliveira Macedo
Pietra Pan Bárbara
Vitor Navega Motta Francisco

Guest stars

Alexandre Laykowsky Felipe
André Frateschi Arthur
André Pellegrino Alice's Colleague
Ângela Maria Herself
Antônia Fontenelle Gigi
Arlette Heringer Market Saleswoman
Bia Passos Young Olívia
Bianca Comparato Nina
Bia Sion Janice
Carlos Takeshi Publicist Agent
Carolina Holanda Eliete
Cássio Pandolfi Ana's Doctor
Clarissa Kiste Jonas's Lawyer
Cláudia Paiva Hospital's Receptionist
Cláudio Caparica Reporter
Cláudio Galvan Thiago's Pediatrician
Christiana Guinle Celina's Friend
Daniela Pessoa Nurse
Daniel Kallon /
Day Mesquita Léticia Palhares
Debby Lagranha Karen
Edmílson Barros Marcos's Client
Eriberto Leão Gabriel Laporta
Ester Marques Young Julia
Fabiana Sil /
Felipe Rocha Commercial Director
Francisco Cuoco Mariano Villaça
Gillray Coutinho Client
Gustavo Kuerten Himself
Hélio Ribeiro Dr. Daniel
Henrique César Ivo
Ingra Liberato Producer
Joelson Medeiros Lawyer
Jonas Mello Álvaro
Júlia Gomes Young Sofia
Klebber Toledo João
Lidiane Ribeiro Salete
Lionel Fischer Alberto
Luísa Thiré Ana's Physiotherapist
Mabel Cezar /
Manuela do Monte Reporter
Marcelo Portinari Truck Driver
Marcelo Valle Sérgio
Mariana Quintão /
Mário José Paz Augusto
Mário Sérgio Pretini Faculty Dean
Maurício Gonçalves Lourenço's Editor
Nathalia Costa Baby Barbara
Neusa Maria Faro Dolores
Orion Ximenes /
Patrícia Naves Ana's Physiotherapist
Paulo Rezende /
Pia Manfroni Nurse in Patagonia's Hospital
Priscila Camargo Míriam
Renata Tobelem Marli
Renatta Gomes Bia
Ricardo Duque Serrado
Ricardo Martins Tennis Professor
Ricardo Pavão Registrar
Roberta Teixeira /
Roberto Birindelli Hernan
Rodrigo Candelot Julia's Doctor
Ronaldo Reis /
Rosaly Papadopol Arthur's Mother
Rosana Garcia Lígia
Saulo Rodrigues Client
Serena Lovatel Baby Julia
Sérgio Mamberti Judge
Sergio Miguel Braga Maitre
Sérgio Stern Doctor
Sílvio Ferrari Mariano's Friend
Sônia Zagury Roseli
Stefanye Falco /
Thalita Ribeiro Jonas's Personal Trainer
Vanessa Lóes Laura
Vitoria Lovatel Baby Julia
Zé Carlos Machado Renato
Zéu Britto Himself