"Al otro lado del muro" is an upcoming American telenovela for Telemundo. It's an original story and it will start airing in 2018. The main stars are Marjorie de Sousa, Litzy, Guillermo Iván and Uriel del Toro.


This series tells the story of two very different women who for their own reasons, have to cross the border from Mexico to the other side. One, Eliza, comes from a humble background, while the other, Sofia, is a prominent figure and the wife of the governor of the state of Puebla.

As different as these two women are, they will join forces on the U.S. side of the wall to try to rebuild their lives. The show will reflect opposite worlds, cultural gaps, different ways of life and the day-to-day life of immigrants who try to make it in a world that is unknown, and sometimes hostile to them.


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Main cast

Marjorie de Sousa Sofía
Litzy Eliza Romero
Gabriel Porras Ernesto
Uriel del Toro
Guillermo Iván Joel
Adriana Barraza Carmen
Gabriela Vergara
José Guillermo Cortines
Daniela Bascopé
Khotan Fernández
Mijail Mulkay
Alejandro Speitzer
Alexander Estrella
Jonathan Freudman
Emmanuel Pérez
Regina Orquín
Hely Ferrigny

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