"Carinha de anjo" is a Brazilian telenovela written by Leonor Corrêa for SBT. It's a remake of a 1974 Mexican telenovela 'Mundo de juguete'. It started airing on November 21, 2016 and ended on June 6, 2018 with 403 episodes. The main stars are Lorena Queiroz, Bia Arantes and Carlo Porto.


Dulce Maria is a sweet, naive, intelligent and cheerful five year old girl. She is playful, adventurous and extremely curious. She delights everyone with her comments and indiscreet questions and surprises with her discoveries. She is the only daughter of Gustavo Lários, a successful entrepreneur of Brazilian coffee chain and Teresa Rezende Lários. Teresa died in a tragic accident when Dulce Maria was three years old. Traumatized by the tragedy, Gustavo left his daughter in the rural Catholic school 'Doce horizonte' and moved to Spain.

For two years, Gustavo lived isolated from his family. In her father's absence, Dulce Maria had the affection and care of her aunt Estefania, Gustavo's cousin who is always full of style and personality. Her trademark look from head to toe, that is, from wig to shoe, reflects her current mood. She also received the attention of Father Gabriel, her paternal uncle and all the nuns and novices of the boarding school where she lived and studies.

Almost every night, Dulce Maria dreams of Teresa. They are meeting each other in a playful doll house. There, mother and daughter live magical, exciting and fun moments and Dulce is always supplied with affection and advice. At school, Dulce Maria receives the maternal affection of the novice Cecilia, a dedicated, protective and zealous teacher. She is also Sister Fabiana's favorite, an almost rebellious and funny novice who heads the school's choir. Mother Superior, director of boarding school, does not hide her special affection for Dulce Maria, but she does not fail to pass the sermons and demands whenever necessary.

The story begins when Gustavo decides to return to the city and to show that he made a great mistake in moving away from his daughter. Recovered from the depression after Teresa's death, he returns determined to rebuild life alongside Dulce Maria. To Estefania's and Gabriel's surprise, he does not return alone. Nicole Escobar, the new girlfriend, lavishes beauty, but no vocation for motherhood. What the businessman does not know is that Nicole is only interested in the status and his money that she will get marrying him. Haydee, Nicole's mother, and Flávio, her brother, falsely adore Gustavo and dream of getting along with the marriage of the couple. Dulce Maria rejects the idea of ​​seeing her father married again. She is afraid he will never remember her mother again. It is in the arms of the novice Cecilia that Dulce Maria finds more security. She is the only "female woman who dreams of having her as second mother" unlike Nicole, with whom she has constant disagreements and no affinity. Dulce Maria would like the novice to marry her father.


  • Lucero's first telenovela in Brazil.


Main cast

Lorena Queiroz Dulce Maria Rezende Lários
Bia Arantes Cecília Maria dos Santos
Carlo Porto Gustavo Lários
Lucero Teresa Rezende Lários
Priscila Sol Estefânia Lários (Aunt Perucas)
Dani Gondim Nicole Escobar
Eliana Guttman Mother Superior Maristela Lopes
Camilo Bevilacqua Pascoal Gomes
Clarice Niskier Haydee Escobar
José Rubens Chachá Peixoto
Maisa Silva Juliana 'Juju' Almeida
Jean Paulo Campos José Carlos 'Zeca' de Oliveira
Blota Filho Silvestre Moreira
Carol Loback Franciely da Silva
Ângela Dip Rosana Almeida
Karin Hils Sister Fabiana Teixeira
Camilla Camargo Diana de Oliveira
Alcemar Vieira Father Gabriel Lários
Eddie Coelho Inácio de Oliveira
Bruna Ximenes Sister Rita
Rachel Rennhack Sister Bene
Eduardo Pelizzari Flávio Escobar
Rai Teichimam Fátima Santos
Bruno Lopes Dr. André Renato Vieira
Carlos Mariano Ribeiro
Elisa Brites Verônica Matias
Guilherme Gorski Cristóvão Valdez
Cristina Mutarelli Solange Ortiz
Laryssa Dias Sister Luzia
Thiago Mendonça Vitor Gamboa
Renata Brás Sister Ana
Sílvia Franceschi Silvana Soares
Gabriela Petry Selene
Fran Maya Miller
Ângela Figueiredo Regina
Sienna Belle Frida Bastos
Renata Randel Bárbara Guerra Smith
Gabriel Miller Emílio Almeida
Leonardo Oliveira José Felipe 'Zé' de Oliveira
Kaleb Figueiredo Luciano Bastos
Marianna Santos Adriana Figueiredo
Duda Silva Maria Eduarda 'Duda'
Helena Luz Lúcia Junqueira
Valenthina Rodarte Valenthina
Brenda Santiago Brenda
Manuela Fernandes Fernanda
Isa Nakahara Isabela
Jasmim Sabino Jasmim
Lara Fanganielo Lara
Giovanna Nasser Giovanna 'Geo'
Juju Mattos Ana Júlia
Manuela Dieguez Débora
Luiza Aguirre Luiza
Manuela Munhoz Manuela
Mariana Amor Mariana
Sofia Rigoni Ana Sofia

Guest stars

Stella Miranda Noêmia Medeiros
Clarisse Abujamra Antonieta
Márcia Manfredini Genuína da Rocha
Rodolfo Valente Ricardo Ávila
Ana Vitória Bastos Beatriz Rossi
Bárbara Maia Cassandra
Carolina Manica Paula
Mylla Christie Alessandra
Diego Cristo Osmar
Gabriel Muglia Tom Caldeiras
Daniel Alvim Leonardo
Luiz Guilherme Adolfo Lários
Eduardo Semerjian Murilo
Sill Esteves Micheli Medeiros
Marlei Cevada Papagaio
Henrique Stroeter Coruja
Luiz Araújo Valter
Willian Mello Dr. Jairo
Einat Falbel Érica
Gustavo Vaz Marcelo
Bernardo Bibancos Rogério

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