"Contracara" is an upcoming Mexican telenovela created by Leonardo Padrón for Televisa. It's an original story and it will start airing on November 2018. The main stars are Angelique Boyer and Michel Brown.


A complex story of destinies intersects when a media mogul is killed on his wedding day, at the same time an assassin is executed in the electric chair in the US. The tycoon's soul is reincarnated in the body of the hit man and, in turn, the killer's soul ends up in the body of a professor of anthropology. Now, every man will not only have to deal with a new body, but also adapt to a new spirit.


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Main cast

Angelique Boyer Lucía Borges
Michel Brown Chino
Alejandro Nones Johny Corona
Claudia Martín Eva
Macarena Achaga Valentina Carvajal
Arturo Barba
Alexis Ayala León Carvajal
Henry Zakka Camilo
Gonzalo Peña
Liz Gallardo Alicia
Jessica Más
Bárbara López
Ricardo Franco El Alacrán
Daniella Macias Carla
Jessica Diaz Renata
Néstor Rodulfo
Cayetano Arámburo Mateo
Erica Sánchez
Luis Romano
Roberto Duarte Inspector Montilla
Carlos Bardasano
Alessio Valentini
Jean Owenisidor
Palmeira Cruz Rosita
Nastassia Villasana La Muerte