"Cordel encantado" was a Brazilian telenovela written by Duca Rachid, Thelma Guedes and Thereza Falcão for Rede Globo. It's an original story and it aired from April 11 to September 23, 2011. The main stars are Cauã Reymond and Bianca Bin.


In a faraway imaginary land the kingdoms of South Serafia and North Serafia have lived in conflict for hundreds of years. After a terrible battle, the imminent death of King Teobaldo of South Serafia and the birth of Aurora, the daughter of King Augusto of North Serafia, prompt a truce between the two kingdoms. In name of this truce the kings’ firstborns are sworn in marriage once they become of age to be the future King Felipe and Queen Aurora of a unified Serafia.

But in an expedition to find a treasure in the Brazilian backcountry King Augusto’s court is attacked by outlaws. In a desperate attempt to protect her daughter, Queen Cristina asks a couple of farmers to take care of Aurora. After the battle King Augusto goes back home devastated thinking he has lost Aurora and Cristina, who dies due to Ursula’s plan, the king’s sister-in-law and the most dangerous villain in the kingdom.

Unknowingly to the king, the princess survived and now lives in Brazil with her adoptive parents. They have named her Azucena and she grows up next to Jesuíno; they share not only an ignorance of their own and each other’s past but a childhood love that grows with them. Jesuíno lives with his mother but is unaware that his father is the city’s biggest outlaw and intends to make him follow in his footsteps when he becomes of age. Azucena has no idea she is a princess from a faraway kingdom.

Their love will be tried in many different ways. The colonel’s cruel son, Timóteo, is obsessed with Azucena and will do anything in his power to be with her. Duchess Ursula still plots against the king and his daughter in order to take over the power and wealth of the throne at any cost. There’s also sweet Doralice, who is in love with Jesuíno and makes her feelings known even though she respects his love for Azucena. And once the king discovers Aurora is alive, he goes to Brazil to enforce the marriage of his daughter to the future King Felipe.



Main cast

Cauã Reymond Jesuíno Araújo
Bianca Bin Açucena Bezerra (Princess Aurora)

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