"Cuando me enamoro" is a Mexican telenovela produced by Carlos Moreno Laguillo for Televisa. It's a television adaptation of a story written by Caridad Bravo Adams. The main stars are Silvia Navarro and Juan Soler.


The story begins with the birth of two daughters, Regina and Roberta; both daughters of Roberto Gamba but of different mothers. While Regina is the daughter of Regina Soberón de Gamba, Roberto's legitimate wife, Roberta is the daughter of Josefina Álvarez Martínez, Roberto's mistress. When Roberto tells Josefina that he is not going to leave his wife and daughter, Josefina, full of rage, causes Roberto's death and decides to kidnap Roberto and Regina's daughter for revenge and to make Regina suffer. Josefina changes Regina's name to Renata and flees with the two girls, leaving Regina shattered and grieving over the loss of her daughter. Years later, Josefina marries millionaire Gonzalo Monterrubio, who adopts her daughters and raises them as if they were his true daughters.

Upon becoming a young woman, Roberta is the girlfriend of Rafael Gutiérrez de la Fuente, an employee of the Gonzalo Monterrubio Corporation. Rafael wants to prove to Roberta that he is capable of providing her with the kind of life she is accustomed to and thus resigns from the Monterrubio Corporation to become the new owner of a very successful vineyard. But Josefina assassinates Rafael and then makes Roberta believe that Rafael left her.

Jerónimo Linares de la Fuente is a successful businessman who lives in Spain and decides to travel to Mexico to visit his half brother, Rafael, and to ask for the hand of Roberta in marriage on behalf of his half brother Rafael. At the airport, Jerónimo has an encounter with Renata Monterrubio Álvarez and is immediately captivated by her beauty. Upon arriving at his brother's ranch and learning of his brother's recent death, Jerónimo is lead to believe that a woman whose name begins with the letter "R" is responsible for Rafael's death. Jerónimo swears to avenge his brother's death by seducing, marrying, and subsequently making life unbearable for the woman he nicknames 'La Bonita'. At first, Jerónimo suspects that 'La Bonita' is in reality Roberta; however, through a series of misunderstandings, together with the deceitful plotting and conniving of Josefina, Jerónimo is pointed in the direction of Renata as 'La Bonita'. Destiny and time will prove him wrong, but in the meantime will he lose Renata's love due to his deception and lies?


  • 'Cuando me enamoro' is considered a commercial and ratings success.
  • Arturo Peniche originated the role of Father Juan Cristóbal in Carlos Moreno's 2008 telenovela 'En nombre del amor'. Although his role in 'Cuando' was supposed to be short term, due to success he stayed on the show almost to the very end. Hist last appearance was in episode #160.
  • Rocío Banquells won the TVyNovelas Award in the category of 'Best Antagonist Actress' for her role of Josefina 'Fina' Álvarez Martínez. The show also won in the category of 'Best Musical Theme'.
  • Wendy González played the role of Adriana Beltran up until episode #48. Due to an injury to her leg, Wendy abandoned the show and she was replaced with Florencia de Saracho who played the role to the end of the show.
  • Last telenovela for Yolanda Mérida who played the role of the loyal servant Manuela. The actress passed away one year after the show's conclusion.


Main cast

Silvia Navarro Renata Monterrubio Álvarez
Juan Soler Jerónimo Linares
Jessica Coch Roberta Monterrubio Álvarez
Rocío Banquells Josefina 'Fina' Álvarez Martínez
José Ron Matías Monterrubio
Julieta Rosen Regina Soberón
Lisardo Agustín Dunant
René Casados Gonzalo Monterrubio
Lourdes Munguía Constanza Monterrubio de Sánchez
Alfredo Adame Honorio Sánchez
Grettell Valdez Matilde López
Carlos de la Mota Carlos Estrada
Luis Gatica Lázaro López
Yolanda Ventura Karina Aguilar
Wendy González Adriana Beltrán #1
Florencia de Saracho Adriana Beltrán #2
Olivia Bucio Inés Fonseca de Del Valle
Guillermo Capetillo Antonio Irondio
Aleida Núñez Alfonsina Campos Flores
Yolanda Mérida Manuela
Hugo Macías Macotela Father Severino
Odiseo Bichir Dr. Álvaro Nesme
Ferdinando Valencia José María 'Chema' Casillas
Martha Julia Marina Sepúlveda
Alejandro Ruiz Ezequiel
Antonio Medellín Isidro del Valle
Magda Karina Blanca Ocampo
Jacqueline García Selene Carrasco
Irma Dorantes Catalina 'Cata' de Soberón
Ilithya Manzanilla Arely
Pablo Cruz Daniel
Zoraida Gómez Julieta Montiel
Jorge Alberto Bolaños Ramiro Soto
Arturo Peniche Father Juan Cristóbal Gamboa
Eleazar Gómez Aníbal Cuevas
Geraldine Galván Alisson Contreras
Marco Muñoz Germán Ibarrola
Christian Vega Andrés Del Valle Fonseca
Michelle Ramaglia Priscila
Jesús Moré Diego Lara
Alejandro Calva Manriquez

Guest stars

Raquel Morell Ágatha Beltrán
Sachi Tamashiro Eulalia
Marco Uriel Cantú
Julio Mannino Saúl Guardiola
David Ostrosky Benjamín Casillas
Sussan Taunton Luciana Peniche
Vicente Herrera Escandón
Vanessa Mateo Lorea
Sara Monar Gema de Ibarrola
Yoselin Sánchez Almudena
Sebastián Zurita Rafael Gutiérrez
Juan Ángel Esparza Young Isidro
Susana Diazayas Young Inés Fonseca
Sebastián Rulli Roberto Gamba
Margarita Magaña Young Josefina 'Pepa' Álvarez Martínez
Lidia Ávila Young Regina Soberón
Silvia Manríquez Young Catalina de Soberón
Ana Mauriney Young Constanza Monterrubio de Sánchez
Jorge De Silva Young Gonzalo Monterrubio
Mario Carballido Young Honorio Sánchez
Carlos Barragán Waiter
Hope Diaz Nora Collado
Juan Luis Guerra Himself - Performer
Enrique Iglesias Himself - Performer
Milia Nader Photographer
Antonio Zamudio Marco
Eduardo Cáceres /
Benjamín Islas Doctor
Vania Pardo Teacher
Laila Tornero Almudena
Rubén Zerecero Post Office Guy
Mario Zulayca Humberto
Linet Employee
Beatriz Tejada Hospital Patient

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