Daniela Romo (Mexico City, August 27, 1959) is a Mexican television, film and theatre actress, singer and TV hostess.


Performing in stage shows such as 'Gypsy', Romo eventually ventured out into film and television where she would gain recognition making her film debut in 'La Casa del Pelícano' at the age of 17. Her first starring role in a telenovela was in 1978 in 'El ardiente secreto', an adaptation of Jane Eyre.

During her TV era, Romo would go on talk shows or variety shows of the time and sing. During this time, Chucho Ferrer, a popular producer at the time, saw the potential in Romo and offered to produce a record. An ambitious 20-year-old Romo took on this adventure and recorded her debut record 'También Yo' (also released as 'Te pareces tanto a mí' in 1985) released by CBS Records. All of these songs were written by singer-songwriter Lolita De La Colina. The album largely flopped due to the kind of material Romo was singing (mature balladry) and the public wasn't ready to take on this from such a young singer. Romo went on to do more film and TV, again garnering a hit on television with her telenovela 'Déjame vivir' in 1982.

After six years away from television, Romo made her return to the small screen in the 1995 hit "Si Dios me quita la vida" alongside César Évora and Omar Fierro. The telenovela was followed by the variety show 'Hoy con Daniela' in 1996. The show was largely panned by critics and was cancelled after two seasons due to poor ratings. In 2001, however, she hosted Univision's short-lived primetime game show A Millón. That same year, she also won her first roles as a villain in 'El manantial', and was then seen in 'Las vias del amor' a year later.

In 2005, Romo released 'Es la Nostalgia', a collection of acoustic ballads produced by Adrian Posse and that same year, she garnered much praise for her role as the evil Doña Juana in the period telenovela 'Alborada'. In 2006, Romo produced the musical 'Cabaret' in Mexico and in 2009 was the star in 'Victor/Victoria' on stage.

She starred the telenovelas Sortilegio (2009) and Triunfo del amor (2010) where she played antagonist Bernarda Montejo de Iturbide. She recently starred as a protagonist in her role as Mercedes Artigas in the critically panned telenovela "La tempestad". She returned to the genre 3 years later in the period telenovela 'El hotel de los secretos'.


Television roles


Year Name Role
2017 En tierras salvajes Amparo Rivelles de Otero
2016 El hotel de los secretos Ángela Gómez de Salinas
2014 Mi corazón es tuyo Herself
2013 La tempestad Mercedes Artigas
2012 Qué bonito amor Daniela Romo
2010-2011 Triunfo del amor Bernarda Montejo de Iturbide
2009 Sortilegio Victoria Sarmiento de Albéniz
2007 Amor sin maquillaje Fernanda Duarte
2005-2006 Alborada Juana Arellano Vda. de Manrique
2002-2003 Las vías del amor Leticia López Albavera
2001-2002 El manantial Margarita Insunza de Ramírez
1995 Si Dios me quita la vida María Sánchez Amaro
1989-1990 Balada por un amor Brianda Portugal
1986-1987 El camino secreto Gabriela Guillén
1982 Déjame vivir Estrella
1980 No temas al amor Alejandra
1979 El enemigo Isabel
1978 Ardiente secreto Mariana Cisneros

TV series

Year Name Role
2013 Lo que más quieres Host
2008 Mujeres asesinas Cristina Franco
2001 A millón Host
1995-1996 Hoy con Daniela Host

Movie roles

Year Name Role
1999 One Man's Hero Marta
1980 Novia, Esposa y Amante Laura Mendoza
1979 Frontera Rosy
1978 El año de la peste Laura
1978 Te Quiero /
1977 Puerto maldito /
1976 La casa del pelícano Mariana
1976 Tres mujeres en la hoguera Peggy