"Deus salve o rei" is an upcoming Brazilian telenovela written by Daniel Adjafre for Rede Globo. It's an original story and it will start airing in January 2018. The main stars are Rômulo Estrela and Marina Ruy Barbosa.




  • Agatha Moreira was considered for the main role.
  • Marcos Pitombo was considered for the role, however he was replaced with actor José Fidalgo.
  • Renato Góes was initially confirmed in the role of the main protagonist, Prince Afonso. However, he was later transferred to star in another Globo telenovela 'Travessia' and was replaced with actor Rômulo Estrela. Estrela initally was confirmed in the role of Amalia's brother.


Main cast

Rômulo Estrela Afonso
Marina Ruy Barbosa Amalia
Bruna Marquezine Catarina
Ricardo Pereira Virgilio
José Fidalgo Constantino
Júlia Rabello
Fernanda Nobre
Walter Breda
Débora Olivieri
Tatá Werneck Lucrecia
Johnny Massaro Rodolfo
Marcos Oliveira
Monique Alfradique
Caio Blat
Marina Moschen
Flora Diegues
Marco Nanini King Augusto
André Segatti
Betty Gofman
Tarcísio Filho
Leandro Daniel
Vinicius Redd
Pascoal da Conceição
Marcello Airoldi Romero
Daniel Warren
Dayze Pozato
Giovanni de Lorenzi
Isadora Ferrite
João Vithor Oliveira
Julia Guerra
Liéser Touma
Rafa Vachaud
Rafael Primot
Tobias Carrieres
Vinicius Calderoni
Aramis Trinidade
Cristina Pompeo
Bia Arantes Brisa
Joana Borges

Main cast

Renata Dominguez
Rosamaria Murtinho Queen Criselia
Caco Ciocler
Mel Maia

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