"Divina, está en tu corazón" is an Argentine-Mexican telenovela written by Mario Shajris for Canal 13 and Televisa. It's an original story which started airing on March 13 and concluded on July 3, 2017. The main stars are Laura Esquivel and Manuel Masalva.


"Divina, está en tu corazón" tells the story of a sweet and responsible teenager Divina who grew up without a family. With a great knowledge of the life in the street, Divina takes a group of homeless children under her care. The mysterious Irene, who turns out to be the grandmother she lost a long time ago and who longs to approach Divina and repair her past mistakes, leads them all to live in her mansion and rescues them from social services.

Divina, who secretly dreams of becoming a pop star, lives with her friends and Irene's wealthy family - including Felipe, the love of his life - quickly forging new friendships as new and relentless rivalries.


  • The pilot episode was filmed in 2015. Ángela Torres played the main role in the pilot, along with Federico D'Elía and Florencia Peña.
  • Due to extremely poor ratings on Canal 13, the show was moved to Saturdays where it airs from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm.


Main cast

Laura Esquivel Divina
Manuel Masalva Felipe
Alejandra Müller Catalina
Harold Azuara Axel
Ingrid Martz Brisa
Nora Cárpena Irene
Jenny Martínez Sofia
Vanesa Butera Soraya
Thelma Fardín Yanina
Julieta Vetrano Meli
Gabriel Gallicchio Ciro
Abril Sánchez Jazmín
Matías Mayer Pierre
Camila Zolezzi Olivia
Leonel Hucalo Lolo
Gonzalo Gravano Rocco
Marcelo D'Andrea Fidel
Bruno Giganti Bruno
Gonzalo Suárez Mike Salinas
Camila Riveros Daniela
Josefina Galli Camila
Jorge Nolasco Gianfranco
Marcelo Zamora Fran
Justina Ceballos Brenda
Lucía Yanes Lucía
Martín Pavlovsky Mark

Guest stars

Fernando Carrillo Luis Correa

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