"Golpe al corazón" is an upcoming Argentine telenovela written by Enrique Estevanez for Telefe. It's an original story and it will start airing on September 11, 2017.


'Golpe al corazón' tells the story of Rafael 'El Toro' Farias, a boxer who after the loss of his wife in a car accident, becomes a paramedic. Fate crosses his path with Marcela's, a doctor who lost her sight after a beating in a rape attempt.

A story of overcoming two beings who suffered in life and who will try to heal their wounds together. A passionate account of encounters and disagreements, of loves and hatreds where their protagonists will have the hope as a banner to carry on with their lives. Together they will discover that love is capable of healing even the most immense pain.


  • Filming of the telenovela started in June 2017.


Main cast

Sebastián Estevanez Rafael 'El Toro' Farías
Eleonora Wexler Marcela Ríos
Manuela Pal Erika Martín
Miguel Angel Rodríguez Pedro Palacio
Marcelo De Bellis Willy
Claudia Lapacó Chuna Mansilla
Georgina Barbarossa Grace
Ramiro Blas Javier Mansilla
Germán Kraus Di Cesare
Viviana Saccone María Catalina
Julia Calvo Marta
Natalia Lobo Nancy
Stefano de Gregorio Diego 'Peti' Figueroa
Victorio D'Alessandro Santiago
Julián Serrano Alejo Ríos
Laura Laprida Evelina
María del Cerro Lucrecia
Sabrina Rojas Julieta
Fabio Aste Pablo
Betty Villar Rosa
Johanna Francella Celeste
Facundo Espinosa Leandro
Franco Pucci Joaquín

Guest stars

Sabrina Garciarena
Sebastián Cura
Sonia Zavaleta
Edgardo Moreira
Hernán Jiménez

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