"Guerra de ídolos" is an American telenovela produced by Telemundo. It's an original story and it aired from April 24 to August 23, 2017. The main stars are María León and Alberto Guerra.


Mateo Solar is the best composer and musical producer of the moment, both in the regional and urban genres. Member of a family of artists of Latin origin settled in Houston, he makes the "mistake" of falling in love with Manara; a young singer whom they plan to release as a new pop star.

But who brought Manara to him was Amado Matamoros, Manara's and Julia's brother, the infamous arms & human trafficker, who has controlled the lives of his sisters since very young age. Unlike Julia, Manara knows perfectly who her brother is. The stormy relationship between Mateo and Manara goes against many interests, triggering ambitions and a war up and down the stages, which will extend from Los Angeles to Houston, and from Monterrey to Mexico City, exposing the most dark parts of the music world.


  • Due to low ratings, 'Guerra' was moved to Saturdays instead of the usual Monday to Friday timeslot. It airs once a week, from 9 PM to 11 PM.


Main cast

María León Manara Matamoros
Alberto Guerra Mateo Solar
Alejandro de la Madrid Rafael Zabala
Juan Pablo Medina Amado Matamoros
Sheryl Rubio Julia Matamoros
Christian Pagán Cristian León
Pedro Capó Dylan Rodríguez
Sofía Lama Gilda Solar
Viviana Serna Belinda Guerrero
Claudio Lafarga Lorenzo Treviño
Fabiola Campomanes Itzel Paz
Erika de la Rosa Selva Treviño
José María Torre Isaac César Solar
Alejandro Speitzer Nicolás Zabala
Eduardo Tanus Santiago Zabala
Esteban Soberanes Chalino Andrade
Marco Treviño Moisés Solar
Daniela Schmidt Agustina Osorio
Adolfo Arias Gabriel Treviño
Alex Brizuela Bianco
Ricardo Esquerra Fierro
Pamela Almaza Guillermina Sanders
Alex Garza Leticia Bravo
Vince Miranda Valentín Vargas
Fabian Pazzo Básico
Aaron Bladeri Lucho Lacalle
Alejandro Marquina Renzo Campos
Tata Ariza Gisela
Carmen Beato Celestina Solar
Evelyn Cedeño Lila
Patricia Bermúdez Sabrina
Edison Ruiz Alexis Garza
Maria Adelaida Puerta Bárbara Montoya
Ale Müller Azul Montoya
Fernando Carrera Ernesto Zabala
Rocío García Candelaria

Guest stars

Daniel Elbittar Julio César Solar