"Haja coração" is a Brazilian telenovela created by Daniel Ortiz for Rede Globo. It's loosely based on 1987 Globo telenovela 'Sassaricando'. It aired from May 31 to November 8, 2016. It has 139 episodes. The main stars are Mariana Ximenes and Malvino Salvador.


Set in Mooca, a simple neighborhood of São Paulo, the plot follows the life of Tancinha, a simple and clumsy girl who, having been raised in the traditional Italian family, holds a strong accent. For fifteen years she has lived a spiced-up romance with the mechanic Apolo, a relationship full of fights and reconciliations since both have strong personalities. Their love is shaken when she meets Beto, an advertiser willing to win her over with his charm. He shows her a world full of options outside her routine life. Tancinha is the eldest daughter of Francesca Di Marino, a marketer who alone, raised her four children: the gentle Giovanni, the envious Carmela and sweet and caring Shirlei, as well as Tancinha. Francesca never accepted the mysterious disappearance of her husband Guido and suspected that the businessman Aparício was linked to the event after finding some clues.

When younger, Aparício was poor and he decided to leave his true love Rebeca. Instead, he opted to be a gold digger and marry a millionaire Teodora Abdala, a bossy Harridan who inherited a conglomeration of companies. He assumed the Presidency of the company next to his wife. They have a daughter Fedora, extravagant, spoiled girl who became the image of her mother. She falls in love in mysterious Leonardo, who initially was planning a coup to keep all the Abdala's money, but ends up falling for Fedora.

Rebeca, on the other hand, lived in Europe for a long time and became a brilliant architect, but returned to Brazil without any money after discovering that her late husband spent all they had before he died. She joins her two friends who are also bankrupt – Penelope, a former housewife who got divorced without taking any money from her husband, and Leonora, a former contestant of Big Brother Brazil. Now they are looking for a millionaire husband who will save all three from misery. Rebeca finds a job in Aparicio's company, although she isn't aware he is the company owner.

Aparicio's arrogant niece Camila was responsible for the wrongful Giovanni's incarceration, who after being released vows to take revenge. However, when she loses her memory in an accident, she falls in love with Giovanni who reciprocates despite the bitterness he feels. Moreover, Bruna, Giovanni's girlfriend and lawyer, is a thorn on his side as she intends to do everything to separate them.



Main cast

Mariana Ximenes Constância 'Tancinha' Rigoni Di Marino
Malvino Salvador Apolo dos Santos Menezes
João Baldasserini Roberto 'Beto' Velásquez
Tatá Werneck Fedora Abdala Varella Almaci
Alexandre Borges Aparício Varella
Malu Mader Rebeca Rocha De La Fuente
Carolina Ferraz Penélope Velásquez
Ellen Rocche Leonora Lammar
Cléo Pires Tamara Velásquez
Jayme Matarazzo Giovanni Rigoni Di Marino
Agatha Moreira Camila Abdala Varella
Fernanda Vasconcellos Bruna Ferraz Vidal
Marisa Orth Francesca Rigoni Di Marino
Sabrina Petraglia Shirlei Rigoni Di Marino
Marcos Pitombo Felipe Miranda
Gabriel Godoy Leonardo 'Leozinho' Raposo (Leonardo Almaci)
Grace Gianoukas Teodora Abdala Varella
Chandelly Braz Carmela Rigoni Di Marino
Cláudia Jimenez Lucrécia Abdala Varella
Marcelo Médici Agílson 'Gigi' Varella
Werner Schünemann Guido Rigoni Di Marino (Carlo Novelo)
Cristina Pereira Safira Abdala
José Loreto Adônis dos Santos Menezes
Paulo Tiefenthaler Rodrigo Furtado
Ana Carbatti Nair Menezes
Nando Rodrigues Henrique Braga
Karen Junqueira Jéssica Sampaio
Marcella Valente Larissa dos Santos Menezes Cursino Aguiar
Conrado Caputto Renan Cursino Aguiar
Duda Mamberti Ariovaldo Constantino Prado
Johnnas Oliva Enéas Carvalho
Betty Gofman Vitória Miranda
Bruna Griphao Carolina 'Carol' Talarico
Isadora Cruz Cris Miranda
Julia Faria Estela 'Estelinha' Salgado
Renata Augusto Dinalda Souza
Hilda Rebello Marieta dos Anjos
Nina Frosi Marina Dias
Cadu Libonati Murilo Duarte
Isabel Wilker Adriana Caldeira
Henry Fiuka Nicolas Talarico
Melissa Nóbrega Beatriz 'Bia' Talarico
Eunice Bráulio Gracita
Igor Pushinov Dinamite
Sabrina Souza Rose
Tiago Homci Eduardo

Guest stars

Adriana Prado Isabel
Adriano Petterman Tenant
Aldo Perrota Police Officer
Alessandro Anes Veterinary
Alexandre Damasceno Beto's Mechanic
Alexandre DaCosta Fedora's Psychologist
Alexandre Moffatti Police Investigator
Alex Teix Father Maciel
Alfredo Martins Leozinho's Judge
Allan Frois Fabinho
Amélia Bittencourt Nazira Abdala
Ana Jansen SPA's Client
Ana Paula Renault Herself
Anderson Mello Rebeca's Building Manager
André Dalle Hotel Receptionist
André Falcão Bia's Doctor
André Pimentel Broker
André Salvador Adriana's Friend
António Ismael Seu Zé
Beatriz Lyra Dionísia
Beto Vandersteen Fat Stripper
Bia Campos Receptionist
Bijú Martins Apolo's Cellmate
Bruno Pacheco Bodyguard
Carlos Takeshi Police Federal
Cecilia Lage Tenant in Rebeca's Building
Charles Myiara Wálter
Cláudia Paiva Fedora's Friend
Claudia Raia Herself
Cláudio Andrade Fireman Stripper
Cláudio Galvan Genésio
Cláudio Garcia Beto's Doctor
Cláudio Torres Gonzaga Talk Show Host
Christian Vilegas Adonis' Friend
Cris Bonna Estelinha's Mother
Cristina Amadeo Lígia
Daniel Andrade Peripécia's Client
Daniel Dias Afonso's Doctor
Daniel Manzieri Himself
Daniel Siwek Francesca's Helper
Daniel Tavares Guto
Diete Fuhrich Photographer
Dja Martins Lúcia
Edu Pinheiro Young Adônis
Emiliano Queiróz
Erlene Mello Girl's Mother
Ernesto Xavier Tancinha's Doctor
Esther Jablonski Dr. Yara
Gilberto Marmorosch Old Man in Fedora's Fantasy
Gilberto Miranda Beto's Doorman
Gilray Coutinho Tonho
Giordano Bechelleni André
Guilherme Chelluci Epaminondas 'Tarzan'
Henrique Neves Elias
Hilton Castro Salesman
Isadora Ferrite Production Assistant
Jack Barraquero Beggar in Fedora's Fantasy
Jandir Ferrari Marcos 'Marquinhos' Azevedo
Jerónimo Martins Giba
Joe Ribeiro IML's employee
Jorge Fernando Himself
José Henrique Farias False Burglar
José Mauro Brant Fedora's and Leozinho's Wedding Priest
Klebber Toledo Himself
Larissa Resende Flávia
Leandro Azevedo Himself
Léo Quintão Nair's New Neighbour
Lionel Fischer Carol's Judge
Luciano Chirolli Olavo Velásquez
Luiz Felipe Mello Young Apolo
Maksin Oliveira Luciano
Marcelo Assumpção Dinamite's Cellmate
Marcelo Souto Maior Bodyguard
Márcio Machado Wedding Course Priest
Márcio Ricciard Federal Police
Marcos Acher Camila's Doctor
Marcos Breda Dr. Clécius
Marcos Hollanda Felipe's Doorman
Maria Mônica Passos Tancinha's Cellmate
Mariana Armellini Herself
Mario Hermeto Afonso Talarico
Matheus Silvestre Rogério
Monique Cury Dulce Sampaio
Munik Nunes Herself
Nilvan Santos Deusivaldo
Norival Rizzo Alexandre Andrade
Othon Bastos Pedro Bertolucci
Otto Júnior Jessica's Doctor
Paolla Oliveira Adriana
Paulo Ricardo Campani Carlos
Pedro Bial Herself
Pedro Vasconcellos Himself
Priscila Fantin Herself
Rafa de Martins Police Officer
Ramón Gonçalves Shopping Bodyguard
Ricardo Conti Penélope's Taxi Driver
Rodrigo Fagundes Commercial Director
Rômulo Neto Himself
Ronaldo Reis Ruy Cadilha
Rosana Dias Camila's Manicurist
Rosana Viegas Beggar in Fedora's Dream
Salvatore Giuliano Adonis' Doctor
Samir Murad Squire
Sérgio Stern Radio Host
Shimon Namias Judge
Sônia Lima Angelina
Tammy Di Calafiori Nicole
Tarciana Saad SPA's employee
Thales Coutinho Leozinho's Cellmate
Thiago Lacerda Himself
Vanessa Lóes Herself
Vera Maria Monteiro Secretary
Walney Aguiar Giovanni's Nurse
Yasmin Simões Young Tancinha

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