"La doña" is an American telenovela based on a novel Doña Bárbara by Rómulo Gallegos for Telemundo. It's a modern adaptation, loosely based on a 2008 Telemundo telenovela 'Doña Bárbara' and it aired from November 29, 2016 to May 1, 2017. The main stars are Aracely Arámbula, David Chocarro and Danna Paola.


"La Doña" is a story of revenge and ambition, seduction and betrayal; told from the perspective of an offended and abused woman named Altagracia. Altagracia represents the hundreds of thousands of Mexican women who have been victims of violence faceless men, protected by impunity. But Altagracia, transformed into a ruthless woman devouring men, strong-willed and known as "La doña", look to each and every one of these men to bring them to justice.


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Main cast

Aracely Arámbula Altagracia Sandoval
David Chocarro Saúl Aguirre
Danna Paola Mónica Hernández
Andrea Martí Regina Sandoval
Rebecca Jones Yesenia Ramos
José Maria Galeano Braulio Padilla
Carlos Torres Felipe Valenzuela
Fátima Molina Lidya Corona
Odiseo Bichir Lázaro Hernández
Michelle Olvera Isabela Sandoval
Rafael Sánchez Navarro Jaime Aguirre
Gabriela Roel Azucena Aguirre
Juan Rios Rafael Cabral
Daniela Bascopé Valeria Puertas
Giselle Kuri Margarita Vasquez
Mauricio Isaac Justino 'Lopecito' López
Maria del Carmen Félix Leticia Cabral
Leonel Deluglio Diego Padilla
Juan Carlos Remolina Miguel Preciado
Mario Morán Emiliano Cabral
Roberto Quijano Gabino Domínguez
Simone Victoria Magdalena Sánchez
Aquiles Cervantes Matamoros
Vanesa Restrepo Ximena Urdaneta
Diego Soldano Daniel Llamas
Gavo Figueira Jorge Moya
Claudio Roca Dr. Adolfo Mendoza
Paulina Matos Young Altagracia Sandoval
Estefania Coppola Young Regina Sandoval
Lion Bagnis César
Mayra Sierra Karen Velarde
Gonzalo Guzmán Marcos Beltrán
Manuel Blejerman Alejandro Céspedes
Fabián Peña Mr. Sandoval
Geraldine Zinat Mrs. Sandoval

Guest stars

René García Guillermo Contreras
Omar Cruz Worker
Jorge Nava Employee
Enrique Anaya Police Man
Ricardo Castrocerio Man in a Restaurant
Terrence Stickman Doctor
Alejandro de la Rosa Raúl Ibarra

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