"La fan" is an American telenovela created by Angélica Vale and written by Marcela Citterio for Telemundo. It's an original story and it aired on Telemundo from January 17, to April 3, 2017. The main stars are Angélica Vale and Juan Pablo Espinosa.


'La Fan' is the comedic story of a cheerful and humble woman, who is the ultimate fan of famous telenovela actor, Lucas Duarte. People say one can’t escape one’s fate. People say we all have a story that is already written and nothing can change it. People say that what if something starts badly, it will end badly. People who say those things, don’t know her.

By a twist of fate, she will literally collide into Lucas Duarte’s life, and despite every attempt, he will not be able to escape her blind adoration. Lucas will reluctantly begin to realize that he needs her and cannot imagine his life without her, as she begins to see that he is not the perfect leading man she thought he has.


  • 'La fan' replaced successful 'Silvana sin lana' which was a ratings and commercial winner. However, the show couldn't keep up with 'Silvana's' success and due to low ratings was subsequently pulled off the schedule after 54 episodes. The final episode aired on April 3, 2017 although Telemundo hinted that the show would come back from hiatus at some time.
  • First role in a telenovela for Angélica Vale after a decade of hiatus. The last telenovela she filmed was Televisa's hit 'La fea mas bella' in 2006-2007.


Main cast

Angélica Vale Valentina 'Vale' Pérez
Juan Pablo Espinosa Lucas Duarte
Scarlet Ortiz Salma Beltrán
Gabriel Porras Gabriel Bustamante
Miguel Varoni Justin Case 'El Director'
Ximena Duque Adriana Zubizarreta
Jonathan Islas Diego Castro Romero
Omar Germenos Carlos Zubizarreta
Gloria Peralta Eloisa Romero de Castro
Elsy Reyes Felicitas de Zubizarreta
Begoña Narváez Jessica González
Pablo Azar Benicio Torres
Gabriel Rossi Miguel Castro Romero
Josette Vidal Miriam del Carmen Santos
Jorge Eduardo García Rodrigo Ernesto Gómez
Emmanuel Pérez Tomás Hernández
Ricardo Kleinbaum Enrique Julio 'Quique' Gardizábal
Maritza Bustamante Lucía Hernández
Lorena de la Garza Natalia
Gabriel Valenzuela Nicolás
Mario Espitia Agustín Peterlini
Freddy Flórez Roberto 'Bob' Flores

Guest stars

Daniel Elbittar Leonardo 'El Potro' Márquez
Fernando Pacanins Víctor Carrizo
Eduardo Serrano Pascual Blanco
Silvana Arias Bárbara Blanco
Carlos Gastelum Ignacio Torres
Yamil Sesín Artemio 'Chaparrito'
Angélica María Valentina 'Mamita' Gardiazabal
Alfredo Huereca Adalberto 'Tito' Cabrera
Fabián Ríos Guillermo 'Willy' del Castillo
Jorge Luis Pila El Tuerto
Laura Flores Paloma
Fernanda Castillo 'La Parka'
Wanda D'Isidoro Guadalupe 'Lupita'
Adamari López Carmen Córdoba
Sandra Destenave Dolores 'Lola' D'Alessandro
Catherine Siachoque Isabel 'La Directora'
Laura Chimaras Renata Izaguirre
Estefany Oliveira Nina
David Chocarro Richard Ernesto
Oliver Gutiérrez Álvaro Huerta
Dad Dáger Patricia
Lupita Ferrer Silvia
Roberto Plantier Dr. Damián Arévalo
Jesús Moré Franco Villar
Ahrid Hannaley Karina
Francisco Porras Javier
Carlos Ponce Luis Alberto Fontan
Ligia Petit Roxana
Rubén Morales Ex Director
Henry Zakka Dr. Machado
Carlos Garín Carlos López
Georgina Palacios Estefanía Miller
Marisa del Portillo Estela
Isabel Moreno Carlos' Mother
Anna Sobero Alicia Parraca
César Román Policeman
Raúl Arrieta Manuel Garay
Kenya Hijuelos Doctor
Federico Díaz Dr. Quiroga
José Ramón Blanch Rogelio 'La Bestia' Gutiérrez

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