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"La piloto" is a Mexican telenovela created written by Jorg Hiller and Maria Cecilia Boenheim for Televisa. It's an original story and it started airing on American cable channel Univision on March 7, 2017. The main stars are Livia Brito and Juan Colucho.


"La Piloto" tells the story of Yolanda, who achieves her lifelong dream of flying planes but winds up transporting drugs across Mexico, Colombia and Central America. John Lucio, her boyfriend and former flight instructor, betrays her to avoid going to prison. This fuels Yolanda’s thirst for revenge and, ultimately, motivates her to seek control of the drug-trafficking business.


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Main cast

Livia Brito Yolanda Cadena
Juan Colucho Dave Mejía
Arap Bethke John Lucio
María Fernanda Yepes Zulima Montes
Alejandro Nones Óscar Lucio
María de la Fuente Mónica Ortega
Verónica Montes Lizbeth Álvarez
Macarena Achaga Olivia Nieves
Natasha Domínguez Amanda Cuadrado
María Fernanda García Estela Lesmes
Mauricio Aspe Arley Mena
Stephanie Salas Rosalba Lesmes
Tommy Vásquez Santamaría
Arturo Barba Zeki Gilmas
Gerardo Murguía Jorge Sinisterra
Demian Kalach Pedro Ayala

Guest stars

Shalim Ortiz Dean Simpson
Andrés Delgado Cristian Nieves
Rolando Brito Argüelles
Antonio de la Vega Ramon Cadena
Marcelo Buquet Omar
Cristina Zulueta Bride

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