"Llena de amor" is a Mexican telenovela produced by Angelli Nesma Medina for Televisa. It's a Mexican remake of 2002 Venezuelan telenovela 'Mi gorda bella'. The main stars are Ariadne Díaz and Valentino Lanús.


Marianela is a sweet, innocent and intelligent girl who has almost everything in life, except physical beauty because she is obese. Being away from her mom, Marianela ate chocolates as anti-depressants because she always felt alone. On the day of her graduation, Marianela finally catches up with her mother Eva. Eva apologizes for abandoning her and promises that from now on they will be together forever. Shortly after the ceremony, Eva dies tragically in an airplane explosion.

Marianela is now forced to live in the house of her aunt Fedra, an evil and dangerous woman who always hated Eva and wants to destroy Marianela as well and steal her fortune. Due to her physical appearance, Marianela suffers straight-up bullying from her aunt and her cousin Kristel. However, in the new home Marianela finds a new friend and possible new love. His name is Emanuel and he is a publicist who races motorcycles in his spare time. Marianela's other friend is her other quirky aunt Netty, retired actress who manages a Bed & Breakfast where she lives with her friends whom she considers family. Netty will teach her niece that she needs to love and value herself and face all the obstacles that are presented on the road. Determined to eliminate Marianela for good, Fedra tries to poison her with some chocolates. Marianela survives but due to some circumstances, she thinks Emanuel tried to kill her.

Marianela leaves and that incident motivates her to lose weight and become another woman. Marianela returns to the mansion as Victoria de la Garza and starts plotting revenge against Emanuel and all those who made her suffer in the past.


  • Working titles for the telenovela were 'Mi gorda bella' and 'Bella'.
  • Although 'Llena de amor' wasn't a smash hit like the time-slot's previous occupant 'Hasta que el dinero nos separe', 'Llena's ratings are considered moderately good.
  • Ariadne Díaz and Valentino Lanús dated during the show's run. They broke up in 2012.
  • Valentino Lanús took motorcycle lessons because his character Emanuel races motorcycles. He practiced on a Honda CBR 600.
  • Ingrid Martz was considered for the role of Marianela.
  • Sara Maldonado was considered for the role of Ilitia. The part eventually went to Altair Jarabo.
  • Last telenovela role for Carlos Cobos who played Emanuel's confidant and gardener Benigno. He passed away one and a half year after the show's finale.


Main cast

Ariadne Díaz Marianela Ruiz y de Teresa Pavón (Victoria de la Garza Montiel)
Valentino Lanús Emanuel Ruiz y de Teresa Curiel (Lirio de Plata)
Azela Robinson Fedra Curiel de Ruiz y Teresa
César Évora Emiliano Ruiz y de Teresa
Laura Flores Ernestina 'Netty' Pavón Romero
Alexis Ayala Lorenzo Porta-López
Altair Jarabo Ilitia Porta-López Rivero
Armando Araiza Brandon Moreno Cervantes
Roberto Palazuelos Mauricio Fonseca Lombardi
Roberto Ballesteros Bernardo Izquierdo
Aarón Hernán Máximo Ruiz y de Teresa
Cecilia Gabriela Camila 'Muñeca' Rivero de Porta-López
Maricarmen Vela Carlota Ruiz y de Teresa
Tina Romero Paula De Franco
Lorena Enríquez Dorothy 'Doris' Moreno Cervantes
Ricardo Margaleff Oliver Rosales ('Chelatina')
Diego Amozurrutia Axel Ruiz y de Teresa Curiel
María Elisa Camargo Kristel Ruiz y de Teresa Curiel
Cristina Mason Gretel Ruiz y de Teresa Curiel ('Manolo')
Eduardo Liñán León Garduño
Carlos Cobos Benigno Cruz
Héctor Sáez Agustín Tejeda
Patricia Martínez Gladiola Cervantes de Moreno
Marcela Páez Consuelo
Rafael Amador Fidel Mendoza
Alberto Agnesi André Silva
Mariana Van Rankin Delicia Flores
Rosita Pelayo Flora
Ivonne Ley Nereida Pérez
Lili Goret Carolina
Luis Uribe José María Sevilla
Carlos Gascón Jorge Jauma
Rebeca Mankita Mayela Santibáñez

Guest stars

Lucía Méndez Eva Pavón Romero de Ruiz y de Teresa
Zoraida Gómez Young Juana Felipa Pérez ('Fedra')
Marcelo Córdoba Young José María Sevilla
Gabriela Goldsmith The Real Fedra de Curiel
Alejandro Felipe Flores Javier
Angelina Peláez Mamá Dolores
Manuela Ímaz Fabiola Fonseca
Michelle Renaud Lorena Fonseca
Otto Sirgo Félix Pantoja
Roberto Blandón Ricardo
Teo Tapia Ordaz
Raúl Magaña Luis Felipe Ruiz y de Teresa
Vanessa Arias Jacqueline Pereyra
Ricardo Franco Alfredo
Martín Cuburu Eugenio Pacheco
Sergio Jurado Arnoldo
Ricardo Vera Rivas
Georgina Pedret Ángela
Fernanda López Begoña Riquelme
Kelchie Arizmendi Marilda
Oscar Traven Aristóteles Curiel
Lizzeta Romo Almudena Rodríguez
Perla Encinas Zorayda Ruiz y de Teresa Curiel
Mariana Quiroz Manzanita
Benjamín Islas Policeman
Marco Muñoz TV Producer
Mariluz Bermúdez /
Fernando Robles /
Edgar Iván Delgado /

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