"Me declaro culpable" is a Mexican telenovela created by Angelli Nesma Medina for Televisa. It's a remake of 2016's Argentine telenovela 'Por amarte así'. It started airing on November 6, 2017 and concluded on January 28, 2018. The main stars are Juan Soler and Mayrín Villanueva.


Franco Urzúa is a prestigious lawyer who made his career based on ethics and moral values, always dedicated to defend the most needy. He lives a marriage of ups and downs with Roberta, a woman who endangers the happiness of the family due to her bipolarity. Both are parents of Natalia, a somewhat spoiled girl, but of good heart.

Franco's life changes completely when he is faced with Alba's case, a woman who is detained for committing euthanasia on her husband, who was on his deathbed. Franco is moved by her story and decides to help her be exempted. Alba's goal is to regain custody of her son, who is under the care of schizophrenic Ingrid, Alba's sister-in-law who hates her. Between so much complicity, Franco and Alba fall madly in love.

Meanwhile, Natalia also suffers from hot flashes. After being drugged by her boyfriend Julian, she runs over Paolo and leaves him paraplegic. Paolo's career is now destroyed and he is abandoned by his bride, Katia. What neither of the two imagined is that in the midst of Paolo's frustration and Natalia's guilt, a love would be born between them.


  • Guy Ecker and Diego Olivera were considered for the main role.
  • The show was marked by a tragedy. After filming some scenes for the telenovela, the truck in which the production team was traveling, owned by the company Televisa, hit a truck at kilometer 46 of the highway Mexico-Cuernavaca. The director Claudio Reyes Rubio and dialogue coach and actress Maru Dueñas passed away in the accident.


Main cast

Juan Soler Franco Urzúa Lara
Mayrín Villanueva Alba Castillo Téllez de Dueñas
Irina Baeva Natalia Urzúa Monroy
Juan Diego Covarrubias Paolo Leiva Ruiz
Daniela Castro Roberta Monroy de Urzúa
Sabine Moussier Ingrid Dueñas López
Alejandra García Katia Romo
Pedro Moreno Julián Soberón
Ramiro Fumazoni Tiziano Castolo
Enrique Rocha Mauro Monroy Lacherade
Lisset Bianca Olmedo
Alejandro Ávila Gael Ahumada
Marco Méndez Javier Dueñas López
Margarita Magaña Julieta Ruvalcaba
Mariano Palacios Dante
Mikel Mateos Gabriel Dueñas Castillo
Ramsés Alemán Emanuel
Christian Vega Pedro Ruvalcaba

Guest stars

Amairani Luciana
Arlette Pacheco Enriqueta 'Queta' Ruiz
Álvaro de Silva Tomás
Fernanda Vizzuet Lorena
Alejandro Aragón Raúl
Ricardo Vera Dr. Mendizábal
Amanda Libertad Olga
Bibelot Mansur Celia
Michelle Orozco Valentina
Ruth Rosas Prisoner
Marcela Morett Prison Guard
Miguel Herrera Himself
Ana Paula Martínez Young Roberta
Adriana Ahumada /
Eduardo Alcántara /
Jorge de Marin /

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