"Mi adorable maldición" is a Mexican telenovela produced by Ignacio Sada Madero for Televisa. It's Televisa's remake of an 1987 Colombian telenovela 'Lola calamidades'. The main stars are Renata Notni and Pablo Lyle.


The village of El Salado is a window into the past; in it the traditions, beliefs and customs of yesteryear are kept alive. Although this gives it an extraordinary color, not everything is perfect, because its inhabitants still believe in the supernatural, in witchcraft and curses. When little Aurora's mother dies giving birth, midwife Macrina spreads the news that the girl is the main culprit because she was born with a mole that resembles a skull and that is the clear sign of misfortune. Thus, baby Aurora is marked for all her life as a carrier of a curse. In the presence of the innocent creature, the neighbors react as if the devil himself is planted in front of them, causing Severus, a despicable porkman who is leaving a stench around him, throw a warning to Aurora, swearing that she will never have a family.

Aurora falls under the loving protection of José, her father, who decides to keep his daughter completely isolated from people, with the sole intention of protecting her from the absurd myth that has been generated around her. The magic of love reaches Aurora's life at a very young age. She meets Rodrigo, a little boy who belongs to a wealthy Villavicencio family. With the passage of time an unconditional affection between the two is created. Aurora grows up into a beautiful girl, but her life changes suddenly when her father becomes seriously ill and on his deathbed he asks Rodrigo to always protect Aurora and to prove to the people that she does not bring misfortune, but love. Both agree to an unshakable commitment for their entire life, and so José dies in peace. Aurora is unprotected and suffering her insurmountable loss. Rodrigo offers to take care of her, but Aurora makes the decision to leave El Salado.

After a few years, the misfortune strikes again to Aurora when she blames herself for her aunt's death. She convinces herself that she does attract misfortunes and returns to El Salado, where she lives isolated in the town's graveyard, near the tomb of her father. When old Severo finds out, he kidnaps her and encloses her in his house, which causes Rodrigo to come to rescue her so that both can live happily. Unexpectedly, Aurora refuses to go with him. The real reason is a mystery.

The estrangement of Aurora and Rodrigo is perfect for Mónica, the new tenant in the young man's hacienda, who wants to catch and marry him. But the young lovers have always known that they are meant for each other and will fight for their love, never forgetting the promises they made to José. To fulfill his word, Aurora must demonstrate to everyone, and even to herself, that she wasn't born with any curse, but is a young woman strong enough to overcome difficulties, superstitions, and able to enjoy love beside the man she loves.



Main cast

Renata Notni Aurora Sánchez Ruiz
Pablo Lyle Rodrigo Villavicencio Solana
Laura Carmine Mónica Solana Pineda
Cecilia Gabriela Corina Pineda de Solana
Patricia Navidad Apolonia Ortega de Galicia
Maya Mishalska Elsa Solana de Villavicencio
Alejandro Ávila Camilo Espinosa
José Carlos Ruíz Ponciano Suárez
Gema Garoa Pilar Alarcón
Ernesto Gómez Cruz Father Basilio
Socorro Bonilla Macrina Romero
Erik Díaz Rafael Galicia Ortega
Roberto Blandón Severo Trujillo
Alejandro Ruiz Onésimo Quiñones
Bárbara Gómez Altagracia Bautista
Iliana de la Garza Maximina Bautista
Arturo Vázquez Dionisio Ávila
Eva Cedeño Inés Bustos
Ilse Ikeda Bonifacia 'Boni' Mujica
Juan Ángel Esparza Jerónimo Ríos
Ricardo Zertuche Tobías Ávila
Santiago Hernández Gonzalo 'Chao' Galicia Ortega
Fabiola Andere Epifania 'Epi' Reyes
Aldo Guerra Luis Delgado
Catalina López Xóchitl Romero
Virginia Marín Gloria Juárez de Ávila
Paty Díaz Brígida Sánchez Rodríguez
Christian Andrei Wenceslao Reyes
Agustín Arana Armando Cisneros

Guest stars

Carla Cardona Nadia del Valle
Raúl Coronado Lucas Almada Rosas (Luca Rossetti)
Pietro Vannucci Dr. Felipe Moreno
Miranda Conther Dolores 'Loli' Bustos
Myrrah Saavedra Sabina de Bustos
Carlos Athié Ernesto Verdoso
Ricardo Franco Dr. Marco Lascuráin
Lorena Álvarez Emma
Fernando Robles Melitón Bustos
Ricardo Vera Dr. Eduardo Murray
Conan O'Brien Joseph Robinson
Mikel Young Rodrigo
Ana Tena Young Aurora
Ignacio Guadalupe Anselmo Sánchez
Mar Zamora Zuleyma
Juan Verduzco Aurora's Psychologist
Eduardo Carabajal Vargas
Mario Erosa Laviada
Héctor Cruz Abundio Ibarra
Paulina de Labra Socorro Buendía
Miguel Priego Dr. Solórzano
Jorge de Marin Velázquez
Karenn Encinas Waitress
Ruth Rosas Nurse
Benjamín Islas Judge
María Prado Older Woman
Cinthia Aparicio Young Apolonia
Adriana Williams Young Elsa
Meribe /
Marcos Neta /
Edgar Romo /
Patricia Caloca /
Fernanda Cortés /
Adriana Tepale /
Arturo Albo /
Alfredo Alfonso /
Roger Allan /
Fausto de Valdez /
Mario Discua /
Roberto Munguía /
Javier Yerandi /
Rubén Santana /
Armando Coria /
Francisco Baños /
Jesús Betanzos /
Alex Delarosa /
Jacqueline Goldsmith /
Lulú Kuri /
José Puga /
Mauricio Rubio /
Julio Escalero /
Rocío Gallardo /
Gerardo Santínez /

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