"Nada personal" is a Mexican telenovela produced by Fides Velasco for TV Azteca. It's a remake of 1996 TV Azteca telenovela by the same name and the main stars are Margarita Muñoz and Valentino Lanús. The show started airing on May 22, 2017.


Due to a coincidence, Mariana Aragón witnesses the murder of two young journalists. This puts her in the middle of a conspiracy she never imagined. A criminal organization makes her guilty and addicted. For Mariana, fighting for her life involves facing the most powerful criminal organization: the one that works from the legal, within the State.



Main cast

Margarita Muñoz Mariana Aragón
Valentino Lanús Alejandro Castillo
Juan Soler Raúl Rey
Matías Novoa Santiago Leal
Kika Edgar Claudia Campos
Héctor Kotsifakis El Tuétano
Silvia Carusillo Silvia Carrasco
Orlando Moguel Ernesto
Roberta Burns Úrsula
Lidia San José Natalia Rey Carrasco de Castillo
Monica Dionne Nora Castillo
Mayra Rojas Teresa Leal
Ricardo Esquerra El Chupacabras
Cecilia Tamayo Elena
Humberto Búa Cipiano 'Zippy'
Ignacio Riva Palacio Tony
Ariel López Padilla Ricardo Trejo
Marco Treviño Trujillo
Camila Rojas Lorena
Eduardo Victoria Quevedo
Dale Carley /
Lucero Trejo /
Pia Watson /
Javier Escobar /
Roberto Castañeda /
Daniel Bretón /
Sharon Keinberg /
Leonor Madera /
Patricia Collazo /
José Ramón Berganza /
Sergio Basañez /

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