"Niña de mi corazón" is a Mexican telenovela produced by Pedro Damián for Televisa. It's a remake of 1972 Argentine telenovela 'Me llaman Gorrión'. The main stars are Paulina Goto and Erick Elias.


Andrea is 17 year old girl and she comes from a poor family. Her big dream is to finish school, start college and one day become a lawyer. Her aspirations fall apart upon learning that her father Benigno suffered a terrible accident and is now bound to a wheelchair. Orphaned by her mother and with two brothers to support, Andrea will be forced to leave all her dreams behind and start to support her family, which includes paying the household bills and supporting her father.

Thanks to a family friend Vittorio, Andrea gets a job at Máximo's law firm as the assistant of the owners' son Dario. Dario's girlfriend Moira doesn't like that Dario works with a woman, so she convinces Máximo to fire Andrea and hire a man to do the same job. Andrea then returns disguised as a man and introduces herself as Andrea's twin brother Andrés. After some time at the law firm, Máximo offers Andrea a job as a receptionist. With two jobs and two identities, Andrea has to be agile and fast.



Main cast

Paulina Goto Andrea Paz / Andrés Paz
Erick Elias Darío Arrioja Alarcón
Lisette Morelos Moira Gasca Quinto
Maribel Guardia Pilar Alarcón de Arrioja
Arturo Peniche Máximo 'Max' Arrioja Riquelme
Lorena Herrera Silvana Quinto de Gasca
Lorena Velázquez Mercedes Riquelme de Arrioja
Martha Julia Tamara Diez
Isela Vega Belén
Osvaldo de León Juan Vicente Huerta
Julio Camejo Jason 'Papi' Bravo López
Ximena Herrera María Magdalena Bravo López
Brandon Peniche Conrado 'Masiosare' Gayardo
Mane de la Parra Charly
José Elias Moreno Benigno Paz
Adriano Zendejas Damián Paz
Rafael Inclán Vittorio Conti
Alberto Estrella Uriel
Gerardo Albarrán Donato Blume
Lucero Lander Eloísa
Zoraida Gómez Carolina Clavados
Jon-Michael Ecker El Mudra
Luis Ceballos Alfonso 'El Vocho' Fernández
Carlos Speitzer Gustavo 'El Geek'
Jade Fraser Ximena Arrioja Alarcón
Evelyn Cedeño Priscila
Roberto Assad Boris Rey
Uriel del Toro Bruno
Elsa Marín Petra Morales
Lourdes Canale Trini
Polo Ortín Mercedonio
Jaime Garza Dionisio Bravo
Carlos Cámara Jr. Dimitri Molotov
Bárbara Torres Florencia
Kiabhet Ortiz Magdalena
Mikaelle Gulusián /
Edgar Iván Delgado /

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