"O outro lado do paraíso" is an upcoming Brazilian telenovela written by Walcyr Carrasco for Rede Globo. It's an original story and it will start airing in October 2017. The main stars are Rafael Cardoso and Bianca Bin.


The plot has two phases and starts in Tocantins. The first phase, set in the year 2007, presents the teacher Clara, a young orphan, who lives with her grandfather, bar owner Josafá in Jalapão. She meets Gael, an heir to a decaying family of Palmas, and ends up falling in love with him. However, Clara suffers from Gael's explosive and extremely sexist temperament, but ends up being advised by Sophia, her mother-in-law, to be more understanding of her husband. Their relationship hides an ambition for Josafá's land, where a depleted emerald mine has been discovered, in which neither he nor his granddaughter has the least interest in exploiting after a tragedy victimizing Clara's father and Josafá's son Jonas. Sophia, a domineering, self-willed, cunning and false woman, plans a plan to get rid of Clara, eventually putting her daughter-in-law in a clinic for 10 years.

The second phase, in the present day, presents Clara trying to escape from the psychiatric clinic, without understanding how she got there, but discovers she was the victim of a major coup, with the mysterious Beatrice as her only friend. At the scene, she meets Renato, a friend in love with her, who will help her in her revenge plan against seven people: Sophia, Gael, sensual and dangerous sister-in-law Livia, Judge Gustavo and his wife Nádia, psychiatrist Samuel and delegate Bernardo, while trying to find her son Tomaz, brought up by his father and grandmother.


  • Working titles of the telenovela were 'Preciosa' and 'Prova de fogo'.


Main cast

Rafael Cardoso Renato
Bianca Bin Clara
Sérgio Guizé Gael
Grazi Massafera Livia
Marieta Severo Sophia
Lima Duarte Josafá
Fernanda Montenegro Mercedes
Eliane Giardini Nádia
Caio Paduan Bruno
Érika Januza Raquel
Nathalia Timberg Beatriz
Glória Pires Elizabeth
Juliano Cazarré Mariano
Flávio Tolezani Bernardo
Eriberto Leão Samuel
Juliana Caldas Estela
Luís Melo Gustavo
Julia Dalavia Adriana
Emílio de Mello Henrique
Juca de Oliveira Natanael
Bárbara Paz Joana 'Jô'
Zezé Motta Mãe Quilombo
Pedro Carvalho Amaro
Arthur Aguiar Diego
Gabriela Mustafá Melissa
Genésio de Barros Raul
Thiago Fragoso Patrick
Ana Lúcia Torre Adneia
Ellen Roche Suzana
Fábio Lago Nick
Mayana Neiva Leandra
Rafael Zulu Aparecido 'Cido'
Igor Angelkorte Rafael
Giovana Cordeiro Cleo
Vitor Figueiredo Tomaz
Bella Piero Laura
Anderson di Rizzi Juvenal
Tainá Müller Aura
Fernanda Rodrigues Fabiana
Alejandro Claveaux Hugo
Juliane Araújo Mayra
Sandra Corveloni Lorena
Vera Mancini Rosalinda
Sérgio Fonta Amaral
Malu Rodrigues Karina
César Ferrario Rato
Ana Barroso Ivanilda
Priscila Assum Desiree
Patrícia Elizardo Tonia
Fernanda Nizzato Vanessa
Luisa Bastos Laura
Alexandre Rodrigues Valdo
Anderson Tomazini Xodo
Felipe Titto Odilo
Lucas Pimenta Daniel
Luciana Fernandes Irene
Narjara Turetta Zildete
Rafael Losso José Victor
Thiago Thomé Radu

Guest stars

Marcello Novaes Renan
Chandelly Braz Aline
Laura Cardoso Caetana
Eucir de Souza Jonas
Lara Cariello Young Adriana
Bruna Santos Young Cleo
Bruna Guimarães Young Clara
Telma Souza Young Ivanilda

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