"Onde nascem os fortes" is an upcoming Brazilian telenovela written by George Moura and Sérgio Goldenberg for Rede Globo. It's an original story and it will start airing in April 2018. The main stars are Fábio Assunção and Patricia Pillar.


'Onde nascem os fortes' tells the story of Maria, a young adventurer who tries to discover at any cost the whereabouts of her twin brother Nonato, who mysteriously disappeared after flirting with the seductive Joana, employee and lover of the businessman Pedro Gouveia, also known as "King of Sertão".

Maria and Nonato travel to the city of Sertão, birthplace of their mother, the chemical engineer Cássia, in search of new bicycle trails. There, Maria falls madly in love with the young businessman and paleontologist Hermano, son of Rosinete and Pedro Gouveia.

Frightened that Pedro might be involved in the disappearance of her brother, Maria moves away from Hermano and declares war on the powerful and influential businessman, who, in turn, will spare no effort to protect his reputation. The clash causes Cássia to return to the city after many years and has the support of Ramiro, a judge of law and Pedro's enemy, who has vested interests behind this supposed altruism.

This battle abruptly interrupts novels, changes destinies and makes family secrets kept for years to be unearthed.


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Main cast

Fábio Assunção Ramiro
Patricia Pillar Cássia
Alice Wegmann Maria
Gabriel Leone Hermano
Alexandre Nero Pedro Gouveia
Débora Bloch Rosinete
Maeve Jenkings Joana
Carla Salle
Lee Taylor
Irandhir Santos
José Dumont
Enrique Diaz
Marcos de Andrade
Lara Tremouroux
Clarissa Pinheiro
Ravel Andrade
Rodrigo Garcia
Nanego Lira
Camila Márdila
Titina Medeiros

Guest stars

Marco Pigossi Nonato
Jesuíta Barbosa