"Orgulho e paixão" is a Brazilian telenovela written by Marcos Bernstein for Rede Globo. It's an original story and it started airing on March 20, 2018. The main stars are Nathalia Dill and Thiago Lacerda.


Vale do Café, interior of São Paulo, early 20th century. In a society where marriage is seen as the only possible future for a young woman of good family, Ofelia Benedito has many reasons to worry about. In fact, five: her five single daughters. Despite the disapproval of her husband, Felisberto, the matriarch is able to juggle and hassle in the search for a good match for each one of her daughters.

Jane is the oldest and the most beautiful. Sweet, shy and introverted, when she falls in love with someone, she is unable to manifest her passions. In contrast, Mariana is adventurous, romantic and does not want to hear anything about an arranged marriage. Cecilia lives in the world of imagination and literature. She is the most homely and is always surrounded by books. And Lydia, the youngest, is the mother's favourite and the most frivolous, dispatched and spoiled of the five sisters. Always behind a suitor, she is committing excesses, both in makeup and in dress.

Who does not fit the standards imposed by her mother is Elisabeta. The libertarian and full of dreams has a natural daring, which can delight or alienate a possible suitor. Her behavior is frowned upon by Ema Cavalcante, who despite being very different from Elisabeta, is her best friend. A traditional family girl, Ema is the official matchmaker of the Coffee Valley. The arrival of two unmarried and wealthy man to the region is one of the reasons that motivates Ema to host a ball. But she can not imagine that they came to disturb the peace of her grandfather, the Baron of Ouro Verde, and buy his most valuable asset: his lands.

Darcy Williamson is an imposing man, with features as striking as his personality. Born in Brazil, he is the son of an English industrialist who, still in Empire, implanted railroads in the country. His business partner is his best friend's Camilo Bittencourt's mother, Julieta. A bitter woman, marked by the past, is very successful in business. From the death of her husband, she built a real empire with her own hands, which earned her the nickname of Coffee Queen. To drain the production of the raw material of her properties, she relies on Darcy's expertise, making this a very profitable partnership for both.

Acting like an older brother, Darcy sees to it that Camilo, a young man with a sweet and loving personality, leaves his mother's domain. As soon as they arrive at Ema's ball, Camilo is enchanted by Jane's beauty. On the other hand, Darcy is intrigued by the remarkable presence of Elisabeta. In a veiled duel, the two test themselves in sincere attacks, making clear the personality of each one. Hoping to find tedious women at this prom, Darcy is surprised by this young woman's vibrant presence. The course of the relationship between Elizabeta and Darcy can be decided when he overcomes his pride and she gets carried away by the passion.

Who does not like to see this flame light up is Susana. She is Juliet's right-hand woman, responsible for doing the dirty work on behalf of the Coffee Queen. Susana is disguised, manipulative and seductive, and is determined to get what she wants. In this case, a wealthy husband. More specifically, Darcy. Victims of Susana's frames to keep Camilo and Darcy away from the Valley of Coffee, sisters Jane and Elisabeta decide to consider Ema's proposal to venture into the capital. They then depart under the pretext of a simple walk, when in fact they are seeking answers to their love lives.



Main cast

Nathalia Dill Elisabeta Benedito
Thiago Lacerda Darcy Williamson
Chandelly Braz Mariana Benedito
Ana Júlia Dorigon Cecilia Benedito
Pâmela Tomé Jane Benedito
Bruna Griphao Lidia Benedito
Pâmela Tomé Jane Benedito
Agatha Moreira Ema Cavalcante
Vera Holtz Ofélia Benedito
Tato Gabus Mendes Felisberto Benedito
Gabriela Duarte Julieta Bittencourt
Alessandra Negrini Susana
Malvino Salvador Coronel Brandão
Mauricio Destri Camilo Bittencourt
Joaquim Lopes Olegário
Ricardo Tozzi Xavier Vidal
Marcos Pitombo Rômulo Tibúrcio
Rodrigo Simas Ernesto Pricelli
Ary Fontoura Afrânio Cavalcante
Isabella Santoni Charlotte Williamson
Bruno Gissoni Diogo Uirapuru
Murilo Rosa Jorge
Tammy Di Calafiori Fanny Pricelli
Marcelo Faria Aurélio Cavalcante
Tarcísio Meira Lord Williamson
Silvio Guindane Januario de Souza
Priscila Marinho Tenoria Pereira
Laila Zaid Ludmila de Albuquerque
JP Rufino Trajano Pereira
Letícia Persiles Amelia
Christine Fernandes Josephine Tibúrcio
Grace Gianoukas Petúnia
Miguel Rômulo Randolfo
Oscar Magrini Almirante Tibúrcio
Rosane Gofman Nicoletta Pricelli
Jairo Mattos Gaetano Pricelli
Juliano Laham Luccino Pricelli
Giordano Becheleni Virgílio
Diogo Picchi
Tony Correia
Karize Brum
Theo de Almeida Lopes
Pedro Henrique Muller
Daniela Carvalho
Fábio Villa Verde