"Os dias eram assim" is a Brazilian telenovela written by Angela Chaves and Alessandra Poggi for Rede Globo. It's an original story and it started airing on April 17, 2017.


The story begins on June 21, 1970, end date of the World Cup, which Brazil wins. Amid the celebrations there's a political and social contrast, promoted by the military dictatorship, where Alice and Renato meet and start a love story that lasts for nearly 20 years, going through several historic events.

The doctor Renato is the eldest son of Vera, owner of a bookstore in Copacabana, and has two siblings: Gustavo, who goes out in the streets seeking freedom, and Maria, who uses art as a way of expression and manifestion.

Raised into a conversative family, Alice is the daughter of Arnaldo, a contractor and supporter of the dictatorship who works for the government, and Kiki, who are always in conflict: Arnaldo constantly blames Kiki for Alice's rebellious nature. Alice regularly goes against her parents's wishes and leaves her longtime boyfriend Vitor, her father's right-hand man.

Infuriated by Alice's refusal to marry him, Vitor accuses Renato of subversion, which forces him to run away to Chile. He expects Alice to follow him, but she ends up not going. There, Renato meets Rimena, a fellow doctor, with whom he has a lot in common. After the law of amnesty in 1979, Renato returns to Brazil, where he runs into Alice again, and old feelings resurface.


  • Working titles for the telenovela were'Em nome do amor' and 'Pra frente, Brasil'.
  • Although it was originally scheduled to air in September 2017 as a replacement for Novo mundo, chief director of Rede Globo decided that the show would work better as a 11 o'clock telenovela and transferred it to April 2017 instead of planned Licia Manzo's telenovela 'Jogo da memória'.
  • Carol Castro announced that she was pregnant, so she left the project before the filming and was replaced with actress Maria Casadevall.


Main cast

Sophie Charlotte Alice Sampaio Pereira
Renato Góes Renato Reis
Daniel de Oliveira Vitor Dumonte
Gabriel Leone Gustavo Reis
Maria Casadevall Rimena Garcia
Susana Vieira Cora Dumonte
Natália do Vale Kiki Sampaio
Antonio Calloni Arnaldo Sampaio
Cassia Kis Vera Reis
Marco Ricca Olavo Amaral
Leticia Spiller Monique Lira Sampaio Pereira
Marcos Palmeira Toni Sampaio Pereira
Mariana Lima Natália Andrade
Carla Salle Maria Reis
Bárbara Reis Cátia Andrade
Mauricio Destri Leon
Julia Delavia Fernanda 'Nanda' Sampaio Pereira
Felipe Simas Caíque Sampaio Pereira
Bukassa Kabengele Josias Andrade
Ricardo Blat Sandoval Freitas
Alfredo Castro Hernando Garcia
Cyria Coentro Laura Garcia
Ana Miranda Dalva Nunes
Nando Rodrigues Hugo Cabral
José Loreto Chico
Júlio Machado Marcos
Izak Dahora Domingos
André Garolli Father Nuno
Konstantinos Sarris Rudá Sampaio Pereira
Juliane Araújo Ive Batista
Maureen Miranda Dolores Santana
Maria Assunção Socorro das Neves
Mário Mendes Jeremias Vidal
Xande Valois Lucas Sampaio Pereira Dumonte
Isabella Koppel Gabriela Sampaio Pereira Dumonte
Kiria Malheiros Esperança Sampaio Pereira
Luiz Felipe Melo Valentim Garcia Reis
Luca de Castro Dr. Rubens
Rose Abdallah Magali

Guest stars

Caio Blat Túlio Menezes
Julianne Trevisol Sara
Carlos Vereza Dr. Vicente
Guilherme Prates Ben
João Vithor Oliveira Breno
Paulo Leal Samuel
Vitor Novello Natália's Student
Bernardo Velasco Young Rudá
Letícia Braga Young Fernanda 'Nanda'
Alexandre Colman Young Caique
Matheus Dantas Young Valentim
Maria Carolina Basilio Young Gabriela
Pedro Pupak Young Lucas
Manu Papera Young Esperança
Pedro Chagas Young Domingos
Luz Jiménez /
Thales Coutinho /
Bruno Balthazar /
Gustavo Damascena /
Alexandre Monfati /

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