"Papá a toda madre" is a Mexican telenovela created by Rosy Ocampo for Televisa. It's an original story and it will start airing on October 22, 2017. The main stars are Sebastián Rulli and Maite Perroni.


This is the story of a frivolous business owner Mauricio, who is forced to grow up when confronted with an unconventional situation: a 9-year old girl shows up claiming to be his daughter. The revelation throws off Mauricio’s plans to marry into wealth to save his family business, which his best friend has led into bankruptcy, and he enlists his ex-employee to help raise the girl. In the midst of a love story full of unexpected arcs, Mauricio discovers his best friend is actually the girl’s father, and he must choose between saving his company and fighting for his new family.


  • Working title for the show was 'Un padre a toda madre'.
  • Rubén Zamora was considered for the role, but was ultimately replaced with Sergio Mur.


Main cast

Sebastián Rulli Mauricio López Garza
Maite Perroni Renée
Verónica Montes Chiquinquirá 'Kika' Braun
Raúl Araiza Antonio 'Toño' Barrientos
Mark Tacher Fabián Carvajal Murillo
Juan Carlos Barreto Nerón
Raquel Pankowsky Catalina de Barrientos
Sergio Mur Jorge Turrubiates
Verónica Jaspeado Veronica Valencia de Barrientos
Ana La Salvia Dulce de Turrubiates
Michelle González Flor Ivonne
Andrés Zuno Gabriel
Raúl Coronado Rodrigo Conde
Karyme Hernández Valentina Turrubiates
Franklin Virgüez Falcón
Marcelo Barcelo Samuel 'Sammy' Turrubiates
Patricio de la Garza Neto Barrientos Valencia
Regina Graniewicz Ana Fernanda 'Anifer' Lopez
Bárbara López Maria
Leticia Perdigón Lorenza
Victoria Viera Tania Barrientos Valencia
Ricardo Barranda Guadalupe
Simon Goncalves Fidelito Barrientos Valencia
Gwendolyn Amador Tina
Lalo Zayas Victor

Guest stars

Marisol del Olmo Cecilia
Sandra Beltrán
Estefania Ahumada

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