"Papá a toda madre" is a Mexican telenovela created by Eduardo Meza for Televisa. It's an original story and it aired from October 22, 2017 to March 11, 2018. The main stars are Sebastián Rulli and Maite Perroni.


The telenovela revolves around 4 dads of different ages and a gay couple, who have a radical change in their lives by assuming their role as parents; Mauricio López-Garza (Sebastián Rulli) is a handsome and charming man who works in a children's toy store, but who—paradoxically—does not love children, only lives on wasting money and enjoying the good life. Mauricio is accustomed to having others solve his problems; so his toy company is managed by Fabián Carbajal, his best friend since childhood.

After a while Mauricio's company is in bankruptcy and his salary decreases so he decides to undertake a search to marry a woman who has an economic position and that can get him out of all his financial problems. Arriving the day that Mauricio finally finds the woman with whom he would marry, just the day of his wedding appears Anifer, who interrupts the wedding, with the excuse that Mauricio is her father. After the scandal, Mauricio's wedding is suspended and as a result of this he is in need of taking care of his daughter, but the problems soon begin when he is forced to pay all his debts and his company goes bankrupt. After this, Mauricio must go to live to in the suburbs where his neighbors are those workers that he dismissed of his company Logatoys without any justification. In his new home with his daughter, Mauricio must live with his new neighbors and that is where he meets Renée, a young and beautiful teacher, who does not believe in love. However, she falls in love with him and decides to help him with his daughter and turn him into a good man.

On the other hand there is Jorge Turrubiates, a strict and conservative lawyer, who after the divorce is left in charge of his two children who, to their bad luck, are entering the full age of adolescence. Toño Barrientos, a computer engineer who has exchanged roles with his wife, who will now be the provider of the home giving him the role of "master of home", leaving him in the care of his three children. Nerón Machuca, a widower who, despite believing that his father's labors are finished (his children are already grown) and for the love of a woman twenty years younger than him, returns to be the father of a beautiful baby whom they often confuse with his granddaughter and finally, Rafael Restrepo and Rodrigo Conde, a gay couple seeking to form a family and adopt a son.


  • Working title for the show was 'Un padre a toda madre'.
  • Rubén Zamora was considered for the role, but was ultimately replaced with Sergio Mur.


Main cast

Sebastián Rulli Mauricio López-Garza Silvetti
Maite Perroni Renée Griselda Sánchez Moreno
Raúl Araiza Antonio 'Toño' Barrientos Félix
Verónica Jaspeado Verónica Valencia de Barrientos
Juan Carlos Barreto Nerón Machuca
Michelle González Flor Ivonne Zamarripa
Sergio Mur Jorge Turrubiates Ibáñez
Ana La Salvia Dulce Goyeneche Castilla de Turrubiates
Verónica Montes Chiquinquirá 'Kika' Braun
Mark Tacher Fabián Carvajal Murillo
Regina Graniewicz Ana Fernanda 'Anifer' Cruz
Andrés Zuno Rafael Restrepo
Raúl Coronado Rodrigo Conde
Agustín Arana Sebastián
Franklin Virgüez Leopoldo Falcón
Sergio Klainer Noel Carvajal
Bárbara López María Cruz Noriega
Estefania Ahumada Miranda Caroline Fairbanks
Bárbara Torres Gladys
Carlos Speitzer Cicerón Machuca
Karyme Hernández Valentina Turrubiates Goyeneche
Marcelo Barcelo Samuel 'Sammy' Turrubiates Goyeneche
Yankel Stevan Baldo Turrubiates Bullegoyri
Fernanda Urdapilleta Liliana 'Lilí' Turrubiates Bullegoyri
Ricardo Baranda José Guadalupe 'Lupe' Narváez
Victoria Viera Tania Barrientos Valencia
Patricio de la Garza Ernesto 'Neto' Barrientos Valencia
Simón Goncalves Fidel 'Fidelito' Barrientos Valencia

Guest stars

Marisol del Olmo Yuriria Bullegoyri
Leticia Perdigón Catalina Sánchez Moreno
Eugenio Montessoro Bosco López-Garza
Eugenia Cauduro Aurora Silvetti de López-Garza
Sandra Beltrán Adriana Hernández
Pablo Cruz Guerrero Alejandro Villaseñor
Raquel Pankowsky Esperanza Félix de Barrientos
Gwendolyn Amador Tina
Lalo Zayas Víctor
Cruz Rendel Pablo Morales
Iván Tamayo Arístides Braun
Emmanuel Okaury Sócrates Machuca
Mercedes Vaughan Mother Enriqueta 'Queta' Mina
Roberto Sen Aurelio
Thelma Dorantes Irene
Aidan Vallejo Adolescent Mauricio López-Garza Silvetti
Diego Barragantello Young Mauricio López-Garza Silvetti
Dalexa Adolescent Chiquinquirá Braun
Priscila Avellaneda Laura
Manuel Ballesteros Jorge Pérez
Fonseca Himself
Omar Medina Mr. Robledo
Rafael del Villar /
Ricardo Hill /
Cecilia Constantino /
Martín Brek /
Felipe Macías /
Archie Balardi /
Fernando Estevané /
Mundo Siller /
José Luis Moctezuma /
Walter Kapelas /
Javier Ponce /
Cynthia Alesco /