"Pasión y poder" was a Mexican telenovela produced by José Alberto Castro for Televisa. It's a remake of a 1988 telenovela by the same name 'Pasión y poder' and it aired from October 5, 2015 to April 10, 2016. The main stars are Susana González, Jorge Salinas, Fernando Colunga and Marlene Favela.


The main drama revolves around two families, the Montenegro and the Gómez-Luna. Since some years ago, Arturo Montenegro and Eladio Gómez-Luna disputed the love of Julia Vallado, who finally married Eladio. Since then, Julia has lived unhappy, due to the mistreatment and humiliation of her husband. Julia only finds peace in her son David, a kind young man who is completely different from his father.

Arturo, after becoming a widow after his first wife passes away, married the frivolous Nina Pérez, an actress, with whom he has 3 children: Erick, Regina and Daniela. Arturo, being always very concentrated in his work, does not realize that his son Miguel, born of his first marriage, is a victim of constant humiliation on Nina's, Erick's and Daniela's part. The only people who show affection for Miguel are his sister Regina and his sister-in-law Consuelo, of whom he is completely in love in secret.

The rivalry between Montenegro and the Gómez-Luna grows at the moment when Regina and David fall in love, deciding to start a relationship and several members of the family oppose. On the other hand, a casual encounter, causes Arturo to be rethink about his feelings towards Julia, and both want to fight for their love. However, the envious Nina, Eladio and their children, will do the impossible to keep them separated.


  • One of the biggest Televisa's ratings failures. Although it featured a popular cast, the viewers did not follow the story daily as other telenovelas.
  • Michelle Renaud originally auditioned for the role of Gabriela, however was instead offered main young protagonist role.
  • Cynthia Klitbo auditioned for the main villain role that instead went to Marlene Favela.
  • Mayrín Villanueva auditioned for the role of female protagonist Julia Vallado that instead went to Susana González.
  • First antagonistic role for Fernando Colunga. Although his character started as a villain, due to viewer's rejection of the show, he was transformed into a main protagonist.


Main cast

Susana González Julia Vallado de Gómez-Luna
Jorge Salinas Arturo Montenegro Rivas
Fernando Colunga Eladio Gómez-Luna Altamirano
Marlene Favela Ernestina 'Nina' Pérez de Montenegro
Michelle Renaud Regina Montenegro Pérez
José Pablo Minor David Gómez-Luna Vallado
Altair Jarabo Consuelo Martínez de Montenegro
Alejandro Nones Erick Montenegro Pérez
Danilo Carrera Franco Herrera Fuentes
Fabiola Guajardo Gabriela Díaz Vallado
Marco Méndez Agustín Ornelas
Jaume Mateu Miguel Montenegro Forero
Irina Baeva Daniela Montenegro Pérez
Enrique Montaño Justino
Issabela Camil Caridad Herrera Fuentes
Gerardo Albarrán El Callao
Raquel Garza Petra
Luis Bayardo Humberto Vallado
Raquel Olmedo Gisela Fuentes de Herrera
Boris Duflos Francisco
Gema Garoa Clara Álvarez
Alejandro Aragón Aldo Echeverría
Daniela Fridman Marintia Hernández
Victoria Camacho Montserrat Moret
Érika García Maribel
Fabián Pizzorno Peter Ashmore
Mario Morán Jorge Pérez
Maribé Lancioni Fanny
Pilar Escalante Ángeles
Carmen Flores Simona
Pilar Escalante Ángeles
Fernanda Ferruzca Luisita
Maribel Lancioni Fanny

Guest stars

Julio Arroyo /
Patricia Bolaños /
Christian Chividatte /
Maricarmen Flores /
Alberto Díaz /
Ruben Herrera /
Jesús Salcedo /
Alfredo Alfonso /
Martín Brek /
Gabriel de Cervantes /
Cuitlahuac Santoyo Uriel
Ignacio Guadalupe Obdulio Chaires
Óscar Medellín Joshua Solares
Germán Gutiérrez Marcos
Brenda De Arrigunaga
Samuel Gallegos Martín
Sofía Lamont
Gregorio Reséndiz
Martinelly Salgado
Daniela Álvarez Yemilé
Jorge de Marin
José María Negri
Jorge Alberto Bolaños Mariano Santos
Pamela Barri
Facundo Caferatta
Alan Castillo
Víctor Manuel Fernández
John Germán
Claudio Guarneros /
Lourdes Kuri /
Rodrigo Massa /
Krizia Preciado /
Rafael Redondo /
Isidoro Segundo /
Arturo Paulet /
Mara Matosic /
Francisco Calvillo El Chulo
Tania Riquenes Amanda
Sergio Zaldívar /
Alan Del Castillo Agent
Sergio Mariano Motel Receptionist
Floribel Alejandre /
Juan Sahagun /