"Por amarte así" is an Argentine telenovela written by Claudio Lascelli and Carolina Parmo for Telefe. It's an original story and it will start airing in October 2016. The main stars are Gabriel Corrado and Aylin Prandi.





Main cast

Gabriel Corrado Francisco Olivetti
Aylin Prandi Luz Quiroga
Catherine Fulop Fátima Pellegrini
Maite Zumelzú Malvina Ponce
Sergio Surraco Joaquin Quintana
Brenda Asnicar Mercedes Olivetti Pellegrini
Gastón Soffritti Manuel Correa
Olivia Viggiano Noel
Esmeralda Mitre Camila
Héctor Bidonde Valerio Pellegrini
Sergio Goycoechea Richard
Facundo Gambandé Santiago Ponce Quiroga
Nacho Gadano Javier Ponce
Lucas Corrado Peter
Agustina Mindlin Ines

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