"Por amarte así" is an Argentine telenovela written by Claudio Lascelli and Carolina Parmo for Telefe. It's an original story and it aired from November 14, 2016 to February 3, 2017. The main stars are Gabriel Corrado and Aylin Prandi.


The story revolves around Francisco Olivetti, a prestigious lawyer who dedicated his life to the law enforcement mission and was faced with having to settle the most difficult and challenging of the trials: defend a woman, Luz who disconnected her husband, in terminal condition, from the mechanical assistance that kept him alive.

Francisco will be her savior when she approaches him in prison to ask him to help her prove that what she did was an act of love. Francisco is a lawyer with money, fame and success, but faces an empty life, where his marriage to Fatima is done. This case will challenge his heart, giving himself a new chance to love.

For her part, Mercedes Olivetti, Francisco and Fatima's daughter, is a somewhat spoiled but good girl. After being drugged by her boyfriend Joaquin in his apartment, she runs over Manuel, a promising young football player. Manuel is now paraplegic, bound to wheelchair, with his life shattered. What both do not know is that, between the frustration of his career as a footballer and Mercedes' guilt, love will be born.



Main cast

Gabriel Corrado Francisco Olivetti
Aylin Prandi Luz Quiroga de Ponce
Catherine Fulop Fátima Pellegrini de Olivetti
Brenda Asnicar Mercedes Olivetti
Gastón Soffritti Manuel Correa
Maite Zumelzú Malvina Ponce
Héctor Bidonde Valerio Pellegrini
Sergio Surraco Joaquín Quintana
Esmeralda Mitre Camila
Sergio Goycochea Richard
Olivia Viggiano Noel
Facundo Gambandé Santiago Ponce
Nacho Gadano Javier Ponce
Lucas Corrado Peter
Nicolás Bouzas Rodrigo
Agustina Mindlin Inés
Carolina Casal Rita
Marisa Bentacur Mercedes Correa
Lula Ocampo Violeta
Santiago García Rosa Benjamín
Catarina Spinetta Laura
Valeria Degenaro Lía
Agustín Lecouna Rodolfo
Romina Giardina Miriam
Santiago Caamaño Tiziano Fonseca
Diego Alonso Gastón Núñez

Guest stars

Sol Jaite Psych Doctor
Marcelo Melingo Garbage Man
Gastón Ares Santiago's Doctor
Andrés Gioane Detective Cáceres
Marcelo Arteaga Priest
Victoria Bermúdez Nurse
Clara Corrado Mía
Gerardo Maleh Assassin #1
Julián Vilar Assassin #2
Alma Gandini Doctor
Solange Risuleo Guard
Naím Sibara Pablo Suárez
Luis Lezcano Judge
Laia Olivera Girl

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