"Quiero vivir a tu lado" is an Argentine telenovela written by Carolina Aguirre and Leandro Calderone for Canal 13. It's an original story and it aired from January 23 to May 26, 2017. The main stars are Mike Amigorena, Paola Krum, Florencia Peña and Alberto Ajaka.


The main story revolves around two friends who have been best friends their whole life. Their wives are also friends and their children were brought up in the same neighborhood. Everything changes when a secret from the past comes up on the surface.


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Main cast

Mike Amigorena Tomás Justo
Paola Krum Verónica De Romano
Alberto Ajaka Alfred Romano
Florencia Peña Natalia Rouco
Lizy Tagliani Silvia Troncoso
Carlos Belloso Aníbal
Mauricio Dayub Shimmy
Muriel Santa Ana Marcela Justo
Jimena Barón Florencia
Dario Barassi Redondo
Gabriela Toscano Susan Cordero
Mario Pasik Eugenio Justo
Betiana Blum Graciela
Julián Serrano Pedro Romano
Malena Narvay Juana Justo
Maida Andrenacci Irupe
Camila Peralta María
Manuela Viale Candela
Demian Bello Rodrigo
Iride Mockert Jelly
Maximo Espindola Matias
Margarita De Luca Dora Justo
Maximiliano de la Cruz Damo
Fabián Arenillas Douglas Fox

Guest stars

Candelaria Molfese Young Natalia
Julieta Bartolome Young Veronica
Juan Pablo Burgos Young Tomas
Rodrigo Del Cerro Young Alfred
María Ibarreta Verónica's Mom
David Masajnik Verónica's Doctor

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