"Rosario Tijeras" is a Mexican telenovela based on the book by Jorge Franco for TV Azteca. It's an adaptation of the 2005 movie and a 2010 television series (both known under the same name) and it started airing on October 31, 2016. The main stars are Bárbara de Regil and José María de Tavira.


The series tells the story of a warrior from one of the poorest and most dangerous neighborhoods in Mexico City. Its beauty and nobility contrast with the gray and desolate environment where it grew. She is feared by her enemies and adored by her friends.


  • Due to high rating, TV Azteca announced that there will be a second season of the telenovela. The release date is 2018.


Main cast

Bárbara de Regil María del Rosario López Morales
José María de Tavira Antonio Betancourt
Antonio Gaona Emilio Echegaray
Luis Alberti Brandon López Morales
Christian Vazquez Ferney 'Fierro'
Vanessa Bauche Ruby Morales
Daniela Soto Delia
Hernán Mendoza León Elías Arteaga
Ariana Ron Pedrique Paula Restrepo
Pia Watson Samantha
Alexa Martin Leticia Bethancourt
Eduardo Victoria Luis Enrique Bethancourt
Sophie Gómez Marta de Bethancourt
José Sefami Gonzalo González
María Fernanda Quiroz Yolanda
Ariel López Padilla Camilo Echegaray
Hugo Albores Cristóbal
Rocío Verdejo Susana
Pakey Vázquez Tobías
Luz Ramos Rocío
Dino García Leonardo
Pascacio López El Peludo
Erick Chapa Juan José
Ruy Senderos Damián González
Iván Raday Cacho
Giuseppe Gamba Sudarsky
Cristian Santin Nemesio
Constantino Morán Querubín

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