"Sete vidas" was a Brazilian telenovela written by Lícia Manzo and Daniel Adjafre for Rede Globo. It's an original story and it aired from March 9 to July 10, 2015. The main stars are Domingos Montagner and Debora Bloch.


Miguel is a man scarred by a big tragedy. In his teens he was accused by his own father as being responsible for the accident that killed his mother. Consumed by guilt, he becomes an elusive man, intent on forsaking relationships to try and forget his past.

Surrounded by an aura of mystery and owner of an enigmatic personality, Miguel shows himself as virile and vulnerable, present and unreachable: a combination women find irresistible.

However, only one woman really wins his heart: journalist Ligia). For the first time the "lone wolf" allows himself to be in an intense and unexpected relationship. But afraid of commitment, Miguel decides to flee, embarking on a risky expedition to the Antarctic without a set date to return.

He has an accident during the trip and is presumed dead. Ligia despairs when hearing the news: besides losing the love of her life, she finds out he left her pregnant.

What nobody knows is that Miguel was rescued from the sea by a fisherman, but had lost his memory and spent a year recovering at an isolated village. When Miguel returns to Brazil, he faces a twist of fate. Besides realizing he had a son with the only woman he has ever loved, he finds out about another two children, Júlia and Pedro, result of a sperm donation he did while living in the United States. And he couldn‘t imagine they both had already been looking for the anonymous donor.

When they get together in search of their mysterious biological father, Júlia and Pedro find other four half-siblings, also results of the sperm donation: Laila, Luís, Bernardo and Felipe. During the search, what seemed to be a sibling affection between Júlia and Pedro gradually becomes an impossible love.

When Miguel sees that Ligia is happily married to another man, he decides to follow his path alone, and embarks on a new trip without telling anyone. In this new place, he meets and befriends Pedro, who has no idea he is Miguel‘s son. Things would have remained as they were, except for a new discovery: Felipe needs an organ transplantation and his father is the only one who can save him. Finally Miguel reveals his secret to everyone, beginning a tough struggle to make up for lost time, to win his children‘s respect and affection and also to have Lígia‘s love back.



Main cast

Domingos Montagner João Miguel Oliveira Sanches
Debora Bloch Lígia Fiúza Macedo

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