"Sin rastro de ti" is a Mexican telenovela produced by Silvia Cano for Televisa. It's an original story and it aired from October 30 to November 20, 2016. The main stars are Adriana Louvier and Danilo Carrera.


This series follows the story of Julia, a young pediatrician with a bright future who disappears without a trace. And after five years she was found in the middle of the road , dressed as a bride, alone and disoriented.


  • The series actually first premiered on September 9, 2016 through Televisa's platform Blim.
  • The series was nominated in 13 categories for 35th TVyNovelas Awards , but it didn't received any award.
  • This was first main role for actor Danilo Carrera.
  • This was first series for Silvia Cano as executive producer.


Main cast

Adriana Louvier Julia Borges (Lorena Mendoza)
Danilo Carrera Mauricio Santillana
Ana Layevska Camila Borges
José Elias Moreno Raul Santillana
Roberto Blandon Angel Borges
Fernando Ciangherotti Dr. Samuel Miller
Tiare Scanda Dr. Rebeca Arias
José Pablo Minor Luis Lara
Alejandra Robles Gil Erika Santillana
Juan Pablo Medina Tomas Burgos
Gema Garoa Galina Sidorov
Pablo Perroni Julian Reynoso
Juan Martín Jáuregui Braulio Portes
Hector Kotsifakis Abraham Gomez
Mauricio Abularach Marco Enriquez
Lalo Palacios Francisco Medina
Alejandra Ambrosi Berenice Diaz
Andrea Portugal Magally Restrepo
Pilar Padilla Lia Galvan
Marcela Morett Inspector Romera
Cecilia Gabriela Sara Martinez
Arcelia Ramirez Gloria Torres
Marcela Ruiz Esparza Jimena Mercado
Gabriela Zamora Mirna
Carlos Guerra Dr. Mario Trejo

Guest stars

Daniel Chávez Camacho Dr. Moretti
Odin Ayala Hitman
Francisco Vasquez /

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