"Sin tu mirada" is a Mexican telenovela created by Ignacio Sada Madero for Televisa. It's an adaptation of a 1970 Venezuelan telenovela 'Esmeralda'. It started airing on November 13, 2017 and concluded on April 15, 2018. The main stars are Claudia Martín and Osvaldo de León.


On a stormy night, Marina, the beautiful and seemingly lifeless baby, is born. The baby is delivered by Damiana, the village midwife, who a few hours before attended the birth of a healthy child, but unfortunately his mother did not survive. Since he married Prudencia, Marina's father Don Luis is determined to have a son because he wants an heir that transcends his illustrious surname Ocaranza.

Unfortunately, Prudencia is unable to get pregnant again, a situation that prompted her nanny Angustias to convince Damiana to help the family. Now, the baby who was left an orphan becomes Ocaranza Arzuaga's legitimate son. This is how Luis Alberto, Luis' great pride, grows in a golden cradle and travels abroad to study medicine.

Marina, miraculously survives and grows happy surrounded by nature next to Damiana, who teaches her to know the world in a different way, because she is blind. Marina's charm for her cheerful, fresh and independent attitude, conquers the love of those who know her.

The situation complicates when Luis Alberto and Marina meet and fall in love.



Main cast

Claudia Martín Marina Ríos (Marina Ocaranza Arzuaga)
Osvaldo de León Luis Alberto Ocaranza Arzuaga (Luis Alberto Hernández Ortega)
Eduardo Santamarina Luis Alberto Ocaranza
Claudia Ramírez Prudencia Arzuaga de Ocaranza
Scarlet Gruber Vanessa Villoslada Balmaceda
Emmanuel Orenday Paulino Prieto Torres
Juan Martín Jáuregui Ricardo Bazán
Luz Elena González Susana Balmaceda de Villoslada
Carlos de la Mota Isauro Sotero Coronel
Ana Martín Angustias Gálvez
Cecilia Toussaint Damiana Ríos
Candela Márquez Lucrecia Urtija
Sergio Reynoso Margarito Prieto
Pablo Bracho Zacarías Barrientos
Ignacio Guadalupe Baldomero Quezada
Alejandra Jurado Ramona López
Ilse Ikeda Yolanda Prieto Torres
Luis Bayardo Toribio 'El Loco'
Humberto Elizondo Dr. Horacio Zamudio
Olivia Bucio Encarnación
Eleane Puell Aurora Talacón
María Fernanda García Soledad
Erik Díaz Edson
Samantha Siqueiros Ana
Catalina López Eulalia Hernández Ortega
Edgar Iván Delgado Erasmo
Paulina de Labra Hortensia
Óscar Medellín Erick Muñoz González
Francisco Avendaño Fernando Muñoz
Fernando Robles Nicanor

Guest stars

Isela Vega Dominga
Pilar Padilla Young Angustias Gálvez
Christopher Aguilasocho Young Luis Alberto Ocaranza
Adriana Llabrés Young Damiana Ríos Zepahua
Irantzu Herrero Young Prudencia Arzuaga de Ocaranza
Frank Medellín Young Margarito Prieto

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