"Soy tu dueña" is a Mexican telenovela produced by Nicandro Díaz González for Televisa. It's a Mexican remake of 1972 Venezuelan telenovela 'La doña'. The main stars are Lucero and Fernando Colunga.


Valentina Villalba Rangel is a successful businesswoman and the heiress of a great fortune that her parents left to her upon their untimely death. Valentina has been raised by her aunt, Isabel Rangel. She lives in a beautiful mansion in Mexico City with her aunt, her cousin Ivana and her faithful nanny and confidant Benita. Valentina is a generous woman who shares her fortune with her aunt and cousin. Isabel's only child Ivana is consumed with envy and jealousy toward Valentina and believes she deserves everything her cousin has.

Valentina is in love with and engaged to marry Alonso Peñalvert. Unbeknownst to Valentina, Ivana and Alonso are having a secret affair and are conspiring to rob Valentina of all she possesses. At the same time, Alonso is unaware that Ivana has an additional lover, Oscar Ampudia, who is married. Just prior to Valentina’s wedding day, Ivana runs over Oscar with his car and kills him.

Alonso stands Valentina up at the altar of the church on their wedding day but does not escape with Ivana as they had planned. Instead he flees Mexico from the loan sharks to whom he is deeply indebted. Devastated over Alonso’s betrayal and unaware of Ivana and Alonso’s secret relationship, Valentina changes from a sweet, fair and sensible woman into a cold, authoritarian and despotic woman, full of bitterness. She swears never to fall in love again and decides to isolate herself at her family’s hacienda, “Los Cascabeles”, where she intends to live while managing the hacienda. At “Los Cascabeles” and the neighboring community she becomes known to all as “La vibora" ('Snake'), due to her implacable and cold-hearted personality.

There, she meets her neighbor José Miguel Montesinos, an attractive, intelligent, sensitive man who falls immediately in love with her beauty and strong personality. José Miguel has relocated from Mexico City to his family’s rundown and neglected hacienda due to his father Federico’s poor health. Despite the poor financial state in which his family finds itself and against his mother Leonor's wishes, José Miguel is determined to make the hacienda profitable as it was during his youth and a haven for his sick father.

Valentina’s aunt, cousin and nanny decide to join Valentina at “Los Cascabeles”. Thus begins a story of lies, deceptions, duplicity, and treachery in which José Miguel must fight for Valentina and for her love against not only Ivana (who has fallen in love with José Miguel) but also against the wishes of his own mother and Valentina’s ranch foreman Rosendo Gavilán (who has fallen in love with Valentina). Additionally, José Miguel must fight Alonso Peñalvert who has returned and comes to “Los Cascabeles” to convince Valentina of his love and to win her back.


  • Working title for the telenovela was 'La dueña de tu amor'. Interestingly, the same title was used as an ending theme for the show, sung by Lucero.
  • First episode was seen by 27,6 % of Mexican viewers and the last one by 32,8 %.
  • Adela Noriega, Silvia Navarro, Alejandra Barros and Gabriela Spanic were all considered for the role of Valentina Villalba. Spanic wanted to play the something different so she stayed on the show and was chosen to play main villain Ivana.
  • Sebastián Rulli was considered for the role of 'Alonso' which went to David Zepeda.
  • Singer and actress Thalia was also offered the main role, however she turned it down.
  • The show also marks Gabriela Spanic's return to Televisa's telenovelas after 9 years. The last telenovela she did was 'La intrusa' in 2001 which was critically panned. This is also the second time she played along Fernando Colunga, her acting partner in 1998 Televisa hit 'La usurpadora'.
  • Lucero and Fernando Colunga also played main roles in 2005 Televisa telenovela 'Alborada'.
  • Carlos Bracho, who played the village priest Justino, was replaced by Arsenio Campos in the same role.
  • Fernando Colunga won the TVyNovelas Award in the category of Best Leading Actor, as well as Fátima Torre (Best Female Revelation) and Paul Stanley (Best Male Revelation).
  • 'Soy tu dueña' was a commercial success, sold over 80 countries around the world.


Main cast

Lucero Valentina Villalba Rangel
Fernando Colunga José Miguel Montesinos
Gabriela Spanic Ivana Dorantes Rangel
Silvia Pinal Isabel Rangel Vda. de Dorantes
Ana Martín Benita Garrido
Sergio Goyri Rosendo Gavilán
Jacqueline Andere Leonor de Montesinos
David Zepeda Alonso Peñalvert
Fátima Torre Iluminada Camargo
Fabián Robles Felipe Santibáñez
Cristina Obregón Sandra Macotela
Eduardo Capetillo Horacio Acosta
Marisol del Olmo Gabriela Islas
José Carlos Ruiz Sabino Mercado
Ana Bertha Espín Enriqueta de Macotela
Julio Alemán Ernesto Galeana
Eduardo Shacklett Juan Granados
Mário del Río Filadelfo Porras
Diego Ávila Chuy Granados
Raúl Padilla Father Ventura Menchaca
Claudia Ortega Teresa de Granados
David Ostrosky Moisés Macotela
Rossana San Juan Crisanta Camargo
Paul Stanley Timoteo
Anabel Ferreira Amparo
Eric del Castillo Federico Montesinos
Evelyn Ximena Teresita Granados
Juan Carlos Serrán Librado Manzanares
Tony Vela Bruno Toledo
Nikolás Caballero Santiago Peñalvert Castaño
Alejandra Procuna Brenda Castaño Lagunes
Claudio Báez Óscar Ampúdia
Tony Bravo Evelio Zamarripa
Carlos Bracho Father Justino Samaniego #1
Arsenio Campos Father Justino Samaniego #2
Emoé de la Parra Narda de Ampúdia

Guest stars

Myrrah Saavedra Leonela Lagunes de Castaño
Diana Osorio Margarita Corona
Amairani Miranda
Pilar Montenegro Arcelia Olivares
Patricia Calzada Noemi
Gerardo Albarrán Nerón Almoguera
Alejandro Ruiz Nazario Melgarejo
Flora Fernández Asunta
Paulina de Labra Tirsa
Salvador Ibarra Celso Lagunes
Marina Marín Loretito
Marisol Santacruz Cecilia Rangel de Villalba
María Prado Griselda
Eduardo Rodríguez Esteban Noguera
Guillermo Capetillo Rogelio Villalba
Janet Ruiz Prisoner #1
Adriana Laffan Prisioner #2
Mónica Dossetti Prostitute #1
Yesenia Spezzia Prostitute #2
Karla Barahona Prostitute #3
Martha Julia Valentina's Maid of Honour #1
Manola Diez Valentina's Maid of Honor #2
Cristina Bernal Valentina's Maid of Honor #3
Silvia Ramirez Valentina's Maid of Honor #4
Rebeca Mankita Valentina's Maid of Honor #5
Danna Altamirano Young Valentina Villalba Rangel
Vicente Herrera Dante Espíndola
Aurora Clavel Angustias
Luis Carranza Natividad
Magdalena Cabrera /
Enrique Borja Jr. /
Denisse Cahue /
Sergio Morante /
Marcos Neta /
Ricardo Orozco /
Jorge Pascual Rubio /
Miriam Said /
Leonor Victorica /

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