"Tempo de amar" is a Brazilian telenovela written by Rubem Fonseca, Bia Corrêa do Lago and Alcides Nogueira for Rede Globo. It's an original story and it started airing on September 26, 2017. The main stars are Vitória Strada and Bruno Cabrerizo.


Maria Vitória is a young and open-minded woman living in Morros Verdes, Portugal, who was orphaned by her mother very early on and was raised by her father. During a religious procession, she meets Inácio, a simple boy, who lives in the neighboring village, and works on temporary jobs. They start dating, but the couple soon separates - he has a scheduled trip to Brazil, where he got a job in Rio de Janeiro. The problem is that when he left, Inácio did not leave only Maria Vitória, but also their daughter, the fruit of this great love.

José Augusto is a simple but influential wine and olive oil producer from Morros Verdes. Owner of Quinta da Carrasqueira, he is Maria Vitória's father and raises his daughter with more freedom than the other girls in the region. Little is known about his love affair, but there is news of an involvement with the family maid, Delfina. He is a friend and very close to Father João, a beloved pastor of the region. More than anyone, he wants the happiness of his daughter.

Delfina arrived at the place as a 12 year old, hired to take care of pigs, goats and birds. Since then, Delfina has fallen in love with José Augusto and lives to please him and make him happy. She is the mother of Tereza Leitão, a very delicate young woman. The maid always took care of her boss's daughter, even though she is as false as a snake. Her greatest dissatisfaction is the fact that Jose Augusto never recognized the daughter they had together.

Living in Brazil and happy with his new job, Inácio receives a letter with information about his loved one's pregnancy. When he decides to return to Portugal, he suffers an assault and stops at Lucinda's house, the daughter of doctor Reinaldo Macedo. Lucinda falls in love with him and will do everything so that the young man does not return to Maria Vitória's arms.

In Portugal, Maria Vitória is sent to the Convent of the Holy Angels, after the discovery of her pregnancy. There she meets Sister Imaculada, a tough and strict nun. As soon as she is born, the girl's baby is given for adoption, which causes Maria Vitória to flee to Brazil behind Inácio . From there, the plot unfolds between encounters and mismatches and shows the hope of the couple to live this great love.


  • Working title for the telenovela was 'Amor e morte'.
  • Bruna Marquezine was scheduled to star as the female protagonist. However, due to wanting more time to study and focus on other projects, she asked to leave the project. Giovanna Lancellotti was considered for the role of Maria Vitória, however the director Jayme Monjardim wanted to launch a fresh face for the main role. Actress and model Vitória Strada was finally chosen as the main female protagonist.
  • Marcos Pitombo was confirmed in the role of Giuseppe, however he was later transferred to 'Deus salve o rei' and replaced with actor Guilherme Prates.


Main cast

Vitória Strada Maria Vitória Torres Correia Guedes
Bruno Cabrerizo Inácio Ramos
Bruno Ferrari Vicente Alcino Gomes da Rocha
Andreia Horta Lucinda Macedo
Jayme Matarazzo Fernão Coelho de Abreu Moniz
Tony Ramos José Augusto Correia Guedes
Marisa Orth Celeste Hermínia (Mafalda Torres)
Letícia Sabatella Delfina Leitão
Nívea Maria Henriqueta Ramos
Regina Duarte Lucerne O'Neill (Catarina do Espírito Santo)
Henri Castelli Teodoro Magalhães
Cássio Gabus Mendes Reinaldo Macedo
Françoise Forton Emília Macedo
Deborah Evelyn Alzira Torres da Fontoura
Nelson Freitas Bernardo Torres da Fontoura
Werner Schünemann Francisco Alcino
Jackson Antunes Geraldo Carvalho
Sabrina Petraglia Olímpia Gomes da Rocha
Marcello Melo Jr. Edgar Herman
Lucy Alves Eunice
Olívia Torres Tereza Leitão
Bárbara França Celina Torres da Fontoura
Mayana Moura Carolina Delamare de Sobral
Jessika Alves Helena 'Lena' Pacheco
Amanda de Godoi Felícia 'Lícia' Pacheco
Giulia Gayoso Natália 'Naná' Pacheco
Ricardo Vianna Tomazzo Molinari
Livian Aragão Angélica Ramos
Guilherme Prates Giuseppe Molinari
Bete Mendes Sister Imaculada
Malu Valle Sister Margarida
Yasmin Gomlevsky Sister Isabel Assunção
Odilon Wagner Álvaro Muniz
Inez Viana Guiomar Muniz
Karine Teles Odete Alcino
Maria Eduarda de Carvalho Gilberte Conchita Verdoux
Ana Carbatti Isolina
José Augusto Branco Father João
Valquíria Ribeiro Balbina dos Anjos
Guilherme Leicam Artur Ferreira de Sá
Eli Ferreira Sebastiana 'Tiana'
Cristiano Garcia Gregório de Sant'Anna
Roberto Frota Figueira 'Figueirinha'
Olívia Araújo Ana Filomena 'Nicota' Borges
Maicon Rodrigues Percival 'Pepito' dos Anjos
Jorge de Sá Justino
Joelson Medeiros Firmino de Oliveira
Marcel Octavio Otávio
Gustavo Arthiddoro Raimundo
Paulo Vespúcio Father Orlando

Guest cast

Erik Marmo Martim Vieira
Giselle Prattes Josefina Vieira
Rosi Campos Urânia
Glauce Graieb Madame Lena
Antônia Frering Aspasia
Zé Victor Castiel Quintela
Fátima Montenegro Elvira de Oliveira
Ricardo Pavão Vasco
Allan Frois Guy at Maria Vitória's Party
Fernando Roncato Guy at Maria Vitória's Party
Henrique Taxman Police Office
Jitman Vibranovski Jewelry Man
Paulo Carvalho Lourival