"Tres veces Ana" is a Mexican telenovela produced by Angelli Nesma Medina for Televisa. It's a remake of 1995 Televisa telenovela 'Lazos de amor'. The main stars are Angelique Boyer and Sebastián Rulli.


Ana Lucía, Ana Leticia and Ana Laura are identical triplets with very different personalities. Their parents died in a car accident when they were young. It was believed that Ana Lucía had drowned in the river in which the family car fell and only Ana Leticia and Ana Laura survived. Local woman Soledad Hernández, who was suffering from the loss of her young daughter, finds Ana Lucía in the river and raises her as her own.

Several years later, Ana Laura is a sweet but quiet and lonely girl who wants to find her missing sister, refusing to believe she is dead. She lost a leg in the car accident. She falls in love with Ramiro, but doesn't feel worthy of his love and thinks he feels sorry for her.

Ana Leticia is glamorous, selfish and manipulative, always needing to be the center of attention, especially with her grandmother Ernestina and her uncle Mariano, the twins' guardians. She's allied with Iñaki who becomes her lover and accomplice to her evil plots and deceits.

When Ana Lucia and Soledad come to Mexico City, Ana Lucia falls in love with Santiago, a taxi driver who doesn't remember anything about his past. Blood ties will eventually join the sisters, interweaving their lives in an unexpected way, bringing back together what was once separated.


  • Working titles for the telenovela were Como tres gotas de agua and Frente el mismo rostro.
  • Angelli Nesma Medina originally intended to mix plots from two Televisa telenovelas, 'Lazos de amor' and 'Yesenia'. Ultimately, she chose only 'Lazos'.
  • Silvia Pinal was considered for the role of grandma Ernestina that ultimately went to Susana Dosamantes.
  • Javier Jattin was considered for the role of Iñaki, but was replaced with Pedro Moreno.
  • 'Tres veces Ana' was supposed to replace 'Pasión y poder' on 'El canal de las estrellas', however the premiere was postponed for August 2016.
  • 'Tres veces Ana' premiered on May 23, 2016 on American cable channel Univision.
  • Otto Sirgo, who plays Rodrigo on this show, starred as uncle Eduardo (role played by Ramiro Fumazoni in 'Tres veces Ana') in the original telenovela 'Lazos de amor'.
  • Last telenovela for actor Antonio Medellín and actress Maru Dueñas. He passed away 8 months after the telenovela ended and she died in a car crash a year after the telenovela ended.


Main cast

Angelique Boyer Ana Lucía Hernández
Ana Laura Álvarez del Castillo Rivadeneira
Ana Leticia Álvarez del Castillo Rivadeneira
Sebastián Rulli Santiago Garcia (Marcelo Salvaterra)
David Zepeda Ramiro Fuentes
Pedro Moreno Iñaki Nájera
Blanca Guerra Soledad Hernández
Susana Dosamantes Ernestina Rivadeneira
Ramiro Fumazoni Mariano Álvarez del Castillo
Ana Bertha Espín Remedios García
Nuria Bages Leonor
Carlos de la Mota Valentín
Mónika Sánchez Viridiana Betancourt
Eric del Castillo Evaristo Garcia
Sachi Tamashiro Maribel
Alfredo Gatica Orlando Navarro
Alan Slim Javier Nájera
Olivia Bucio Nerina
Luz María Jerez Julieta
Otto Sirgo Rodrigo Casasola
Fabián Pizzorno Facundo
Leticia Perdigón Chana
Roberto Ballesteros Tadeo
Rolando Brito Edmundo Fuentes
Adriana Ahumada Susy
Nataly Umaña Gina
Lucero Lander Miranda
Vanessa Angers Valeria
Essined Aponte Adriana
Eddy Vilard Daniel
Maru Dueñas Cecilia
Alfonso Iturralde Bernardo
Laisha Wilkins Jennifer 'Jenny'
Antonio Medellín Isidro Sánchez
Ricardo Kleinbaum Aníbal

Guest stars

Anahí Fraser Claudia
Archie Lafranco Samuel
Arsenio Campos Sandro
Gerardo Santínez /
Indra Sauer Nagel Young Ana Lucía
Jackie Sauza Lourdes Rivadeneira de Álvarez del Castillo
José Luis Badalt Tadeo
José Montini El Curvas
Mia Sauer Nagel Young Ana Laura
Nicolás Mena Cristian
Raúl Magaña Ignacio Álvarez del Castillo
Ricardo Barona Alfredo
Siena Sauer Nagel Young Ana Leticia
Cayetano Arámburo /

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