"Verdades secretas" was a Brazilian telenovela written by Walcyr Carrasco for Rede Globo. It's an original story and it aired from June 8 to September 25, 2016. The main stars are Camila Queiroz, Rodrigo Lombardi and Drica Moraes.


Arlete is a naive teenager who always wanted to be a top model. After her parents‘ divorce she moves to bustling São Paulo with her conservative mother and grandmother. When a financial crisis hits them, Arlete finds in her dream a chance to give her family a better life. Soon the ambitious businesswoman Fanny falls for Arlete‘s looks and invites her to work for her fashion agency. In this new universe, Arlete receives a complete makeover, changing not only her image but her name as well: now she will be known as Angel. But behind the catwalk‘s glamour there is a prostitution scheme controlled by the immoral Fanny that will change forever the new top model‘s life: the pink book. Among the huge list of women that are part of the pink book is Larissa. She is an experienced top model who had her share of success in the catwalks but who also got into prostitution to support her family and ends up abusing drugs. Fanny‘s right hand in this scheme is the selfish Anthony, her partner in business as well as her lover. In the beginning, Angel is reluctant about being part of the pink book, but then is forced to do it to pay her family‘s debts. Her first date is with the powerful businessman Alex who becomes instantly obsessed with the girl. Believing Alex‘s love is true, Angel allows herself to become involved in his seduction games and violates the most important rule in prostitution: to never fall in love with a client. After realizing the relationship would have no future, Angel decides to end it. Even after she starts dating Gui, Alex‘s nephew, her heart is still divided. But a man who uses his money to get everything he wants wouldn't settle for less. To be near Angel he marries Carolina, who has no idea of her new husband‘s involvement with her own daughter. Victims of a passion for the same man, mother and daughter see themselves involved in a risky love triangle, full of secrets and games of deceit.



Main cast

Camila Queiroz Arlete Brito Gomes (Angel)
Rodrigo Lombardi Alexandre 'Alex' Ticiano
Drica Moraes Carolina Brito
Marieta Severo Fanny Richard
Reynaldo Gianecchini Anthony Mariano
Grazi Massafera Larissa Ramos
Rainer Cadete Visky
Agatha Moreira Giovanna Lovatelli Ticiano
João Vítor Silva Bruno Lovatelli Ticiano
Guilhermina Guinle Pia Lovatelli
Gabriel Leone Guilherme Lovatelli
Ana Lúcia Torre Hilda Brito
Flávio Tolezani Roy
Yasmin Brunet Stephanie Prates
Bel Kutner Darlene
Genézio de Barros Oswaldo
Eva Wilma Fábia Mariano
Alessandra Ambrósio Samia
Felipe Carolis Sam Nunes
Dida Camero Lourdes 'Lourdeca' Lima
Felipe Hintze Eziel
Bella Piero Nina
Fernando Eiras Maurice Argent
Tarcísio Filho Rogério Gomes
Laryssa Dias Viviane Gomes
Jéssica Córes Lyris Monteiro
Rhaisa Batista Mayra Chagas
Raphael Sander Leonardo 'Léo'
Adriano Toloza Igor
Ana Barroso Divanilda Ramos
Fernanda Heras Eunice
Pedro Gabriel Tonini Edgard
Mouhamed Harfouch Everaldo Ramirio
Mariana Molina Patrícia
Christian Villegas Daniel de Freitas
Giuliano Lafayette Caco
Raphael Ghanem Dudu
Gláucio Gomes Robério Sá
Nathália Rodrigues Estela
Sylbeth Soriano Leidiana
João Cunha Joel
Maria Eduarda Miliante Yasmin Gomes
Yaçanã Martins Sabina
Werles Pajero Raulino