"Zacatillo, un lugar en tu corazón" is a Mexican telenovela produced by Lucero Suárez for Televisa. It's an original story written by the deceased writer Pedro Pablo Quintanilla in 2000, but was adapted 10 years after his death. The main stars are Ingrid Martz and Jorge Aravena.


Karla Abreu is a young and famous singer and actress. However, she feels her career is not going to the direction she wants and laments that to her manager Miriam. Miriam's ambition has no limits and she decides to kill Karla and rob all of her money. Due to professional appointment, Karla travels to a small village called Zacatillo. Miriam's hired assassins try to kill her there, but fail. Knowing that she is in grave danger, Karla decides to stay in Zacatillo and pass as Sara Villegas, Karla's distant cousin.

Since nobody suspects that Karla is alive, villagers all receive Sara with open arms. However, Karla meets again with Gabriel Zárate, a simple man who already met 'Sara' as Karla when she first came to the village. They fall in love although Gabriel doesn't suspect that Karla and Sara are the same person. Gabriel's former lover Adriana tries to separate them, but the real trouble starts when Miriam and her lover Fernando come to Zacatillo to film a biographic picture about Karla Abreu's life in which she is depicted as a frivolous and egoistical woman.


  • Working titles for the telenovela were 'Sucedió en Zacatillo' and 'Zacatillo, mi amor'.
  • Pedro Pablo Quintanilla, the show's original creator wrote the story in 2000. However, he passed away from cancer shortly after he gave the script to Lucero Suárez. She finished the script in 2010 along with new script writers.
  • Although it wasn't exactly a ratings success, the show got a lot of praise from critics and viewers. Among the fan favorites were the main couple, played by Ingrid Martz and Jorge Aravena, the villainous Miriam played by veteran actress Laura Zapata and the hilarious Zorayda played by Patricia Navidad.
  • First protagonist role for Ingrid Martz and first protagonist role in a Televisa telenovela for Jorge Aravena.
  • Adriana Fonseca, Altair Jarabo, Carmen Becerra, Angelique Boyer, Elizabeth Álvarez, Margarita Magaña and Michelle Ramaglia were considered for the main female role.
  • Ingrid Martz turned down the main villain role in Televisa's 'Mi pecado' due to this role.
  • First episode was viewed by 20% Mexican viewers, the last episode by 18,4 %.
  • Helena Rojo and Silvia Pasquel were considered for the role of Miriam, played by Laura Zapata.
  • 'Zacatillo' was nominated in five categories at TVyNovelas Awards but didn't win any.


Main cast

Ingrid Martz Karla Abreu Campos de Zárate (Sara Villegas)
Jorge Aravena Gabriel Zárate Moreno
Laura Zapata Miriam Solorzano de Gálvez
Carmen Becerra Adriana Pérez-Cotapo Echevarría
Patricia Navidad Zorayda Dumont de Zárate
Alejandro Ibarra Alejandro Sandoval
Arath de la Torre Carretino Carretas (Gino Capuccino)
José Carlos Femat Alan Landeta
Miguel Ángel Biaggio Fernando Gálvez
Arleth Terán Hortensia 'Tencha' de Carretas
Héctor Ortega Abundio Zárate
Mariana Karr Rosa Echevarría de Pérez-Cotapo
María Alicia Delgado Alicia 'Lichita' López y López
Beatriz Moreno Josefa 'Pepita' López y López de Boturini
Daniela Torres Nora
Gaby Mellado Guadalupe 'Lupita' Treviño
Isaura Espinoza Belarmina
Alejandro Nones Julio
Raquel Morell Carmen
Manuel Benítez Manuel
Liz Vega Olga
Yago Muñoz Elisandro 'Eli' de Jesús Zárate Dumont
Sheyla Cleodomira 'La Chata' Rivadeneira
Bibelot Mansur Gudelia
Christina Pastor Sara Villegas Campos
Emilia Carranza Martha Moreno de Zárate
Sharis Cid Paulina Torres
Polly Chabela
Mario Sauret Tomás
Adalberto Parra Lorenzo Boturini
Adanely Núñez Engracia
Rubén Cerda Father Nemesio
Raquel Pankowsky Sonia
Benjamín Rivero Gustavo Vélez
Juan Peláez Augusto Cienfuegos
Jorge Ortín Porfirio Acosta
Alicia Fahr Roxana
Lorely Mancilla Vanessa
Priscila Avellaneda Marcela
Susy-Lu Natalia
Daniela Zavala Paloma
Jorge Gallegos Marlon
Jesús Briones Braulio
Thelma Dorantes Pancracia
Alejandra Jurado Enriqueta
René Mussi Camilo
Lalo Zayas Mauro
Ángeles Balvanera Cora
Haydeé Navarra Patricia Soria

Guest stars

Agustín Arana Santiago
Patricia Reyes Spíndola Fredesvinda Carretas
Begoña Narváez Marissa
Gloria Sierra Ximena
Manuel "Flaco" Ibáñez Profundo Isimo
Beatriz Shantal Rebeca
María Prado 'La Bruja'
Lourdes Canale Mother Superior
Rafael Balderrama /
Rosita Pelayo /